Shellfish Cioppino1

Shellfish Cioppino

  You want a bowl of this spicy, tomato-rich Shellfish Cioppino, seriously.

Soup 1

Red Kuri Pumpkin Soup

German cuisine is wonderfully hearty and though certain recipes vary depending on each region, there are real staples to the diet, such are beautiful fresh bread, potatoes, soups and stews. Each area has their own home twist on the classics, such as the Russian influence of flavours within East Germany (my current home), to the… 

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Vietnamese-Style Beef Stew (Bo Kho)

It’s stewing season. And while I love a good, simple, Julia-Child-style stew, I also like to get a bit complex. A bit spicy and fragrant. Bo kho hits all of those and then some. While it’s said to have French origins, this beef stew is in a league all of its own. Full of gelatin-rich beef… 

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potato soup macro horizontal white (1 of 1)

Loaded Baked Potato Soup with Crispy Bacon

At midday, my husband and I leave our computers and sit down to lunch.  Soup, hearty and rich and filling, is a mainstay on our lunchtime table.  Either one of us will toss the ingredients into a single pot around noon, and let it simmer until done, when we sit down to eat, supplementing lunch… 

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koreanseafoodvegstew (1)

Spicy Korean Seafood and Vegetable Stew

I’m on vacation this week (you can follow our travels in pictures on instagram), and I’ve asked a number of up-and-coming natural foods bloggers to take my place and keep you completely sated with all sorts of mouthwatering recipes.  This recipe comes from Sarah Atshan, who blogs at Nutrients You Fools!  Hope you love it as… 

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Czarnina: Traditional Polish Duck Blood Soup #nourishedkitchen

Czarnina: Traditional Polish Duck Blood Soup

This recipe and charming story come to you from my close friend, Becca.  She visited me recently, and shared her Great-Grandmother’s Czarnina, or traditional Polish Duck Blood Soup.  I asked her to share it with you below.  It’s a lovely soup, faintly sweet and sour, and dotted with dried fruit.  You can learn more about… 

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scotch broth

A Humble Food for Winter: Scotch Broth from Ladled

Scotch Broth, a humble potage of lamb, split peas, barley and vegetables, fills my family’s bellies in winter time when the lingering cold and snow seem to draw out our strength and internal warmth.  Scotch Broth has long been a favorite of mine – thick with split peas and barley, flecked with long-simmered bits of… 

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english bacon potato soup (1 of 1)

Cooking Over an Open Fire: English Bacon, Leek and Potato Soup

I enjoy quite times with my family. With gameboys and smartphones and tablets and laptops, that quiet and undisturbed space seems to shrink daily.  So we seek out quiet time, as we can come by it.  This means snuggling away to empty cabins in the woods – without internet, without cell phone coverage.  Finding our… 

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french onion soup

Warm Up this Fall: Classic French Onion Soup

French onion soup, those little pots of slow-simmered onions and bubbling cheese, warms our bellies on cold autumn days.  While I’ll always have a place on my table, in my belly and in my heart for other favorite cold weather soups like curried lentil soup, egg drop soup with duck and slowcooker chicken soup, there’s… 

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White Bean Soup

Marrow Bean Soup with Pale Vegetables

When summer weather turns cool as autumn nears, I begin to rely more heavily on the soups and stews that nourish my family through the long, cold and dark days.  Last autumn, I leaned more heavily on bean soups not only for their humble and old-fashioned simplicity, but also for their low cost and ability… 

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beef stew finished (2 of 3)

Farmhouse Beef and Bacon Stew

In the last few weeks, my family has been traveling.  We packed one backpack each, left our little home in the mountains, and headed off on a 6-week tour on the trail of real food – stopping first at a dairy farm nestled against the rolling green hills of Devon in England before moving on,… 

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