Zukay Winners

Last week I paired up with Zukay Live Foods who sponsored a giveaway of one 12-pack of Zukay Kvass to each of three Nourished Kitchen readers!  And Liz S., Julie P., and Kristin each won a 12-pack of Zukay Kvass of their choice!

If you didn’t win …

If you didn’t win, you can still pick up Zukay Kvass at a discount – in fact, if you contact or message them on Facebook, they’ll send you a coupon book that’ll allow you to save $5.50 on future purchases.  Click below to check it out.

About Zukay Kvass

Zukay is an small, artisan food producer that focuses exclusively on naturally fermented foods: salad dressing and a variety of probiotic vegetable tonics called kvass.  Zukay not only produces classics like beet kvass, but also kvasses produced from carrots, mixed vegetables, greens.  Zukay uses organically grown vegetables produced either on their farmstead or near their farmstead to reduce their carbon footprint, and ensure the quality of product they produce.

Varieties Available from Zukay

  • Super Root Kvass
  • Super Green Kvass
  • Super Gold Kvass
  • Beet Kvass
  • Beet Ginger Kvass
  • Carrot Ginger Kvass
  • Vegetable Medley Kvass

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