Get Cultured: Probiotic Recipes

get cultured coverA little later than I’d hope, but it’s finally here.   Get Cultured: Probiotic Foods from a Nourished Kitchen is finally available, and I hope it’s worth it.   Hopefully the first of many e-books detailing my tried-and-true nourishing recipes, Get Cultured details thirteen recipes from classics on this site like pickled jalapeños and real sauerkraut to the exotic like Vietnamese preserved limes, green salsa and cortido.

Each recipe in Get Cultured focuses on nourishing probiotic, naturally fermented vegetables and all the recipes are dairy-free.   I strongly recommend that you purchase a vegetable fermenter (see sources) for these recipes, though mason jars will due in a pinch.   Fermentation is an inexact art and variances in the temperature of your home, the weather or the season may yield a quicker or slower fermentation period than outlined in the book, so use your judgment in preparing these wholesome probiotic foods.

A Note on Availability

  • Get Cultured is available for free. You can flip through the magazine online, download it and print it out.     See Get Cultured on right now.
  • A full-color print version of Get Cultured is available for sale at $9.95.   If you love the Nourished Kitchen and would like to help support this site, please consider purchasing the print version.   It is printed on FSC-certified paper and you can purchase Get Cultured by clicking here or consider buying me a virtual kombucha through paypal.

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