Favorite Things: March 2012

March was a bit of a whirlwind month – hectic and busy. From organizing a conference and farm-to-table dinner, to moving across town the very same week (I can’t wait to show you pictures of my kitchen.  It’s a teeny space that’ll give you a lot of confidence in your own kitchen.)  Oh yes!  And the site went down a few weeks ago and, due to corrupted backups, I had to rebuild most of the content manually – we weren’t able to recover comments from August 2010 to March of 2012, so you’ll just have to be extra vocal.  Now, the days we spent rebuilding everything certainly were a headache.

April doesn’t look like it’ll be much different: still more meetings (this time on the farm bill), a long road trip and several farm tours are planned for the month.  But fresh cow’s milk, cream and our veggie CSA will finally be available again.

As I do every month, I thought I’d share with you the highlights of the month.  Share yours with me too.

the highlights of my march

what were the highlights of your march?