Bosch Universal with Meat Grinder

The Food and Meat Grinder Attachment for the Bosch mixer grinds and minces meats, stuffings, and virtually all foods. Comes with a 4.5 mm disk for general use; other sizes (listed further down on this page) are available to achieve any desired consistency. Includes a “stomper” (shown lying on top of tray) to feed meat or other foods into feed chute. The Universal Plus is turned onto rear-mounted rubber feet, as shown, to operate the grinder. We’ve tested the Universal meat grinder side by side with a wide selection of competitive stand-alone meat grinders on the market, and the performance of the Universal unit towered over the rest. It really cranks out meat and other foods. For the best ground meat texture and easiest grinding, chill meats almost to freezing before grinding.

Please note: This meat grinder also fits older models of Bosch Universal mixers, EXCEPT that the provided support leg is a little too long for those older mixers. To order the shorter support leg, please click here.