Beef Consomme with Autumn Vegetables

beef consomme with autumn vegetables

By Jenny Published: September 20, 2008


    • Beef Stock or Bone Broth
    • 1 Turnip
    • 1 Bunch Small Carrots
    • ½ Patty Pan Squash


    1. If you don’t have bone broth already made, you’ll need to do so. First take 4-5 lbs of bones and roast them in a 350-375 º F oven until the meat attached to the bones is browned. Once they’re browned, add them to a crock pot and cover them with one gallon of filtered water. Add vegetable scraps including onion and garlic skins, leek tops, carrot peels and celery leaves. You may also add thyme, parsley and other herbs to the pot. Skim the top periodically and allow it to stew for at least twelve hours and up to three days. Then strain the broth and refrigerate.
    2. For this simple autumn soup, you’ll need about a quart of bone broth that you’ll heat until simmering. Quickly add the finely diced squash, turnip and carrots to the broth and simmer until slightly tender. Serve with a good bread and plenty of butter.

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