And I Loved January: Links, Recipes and Oysters

I hardly remember the beginnings of January.  Christmas, New Years and now it’s February?!?  I’m worn and tired.  Working on the upcoming cookbook has left me exhausted, and while my deadline looms far too close for comfort, I find myself sleeping less, and eating far more than I should.  Oh my – the recipes – sour collards,  goose liver mousse, stewed beef heart with winter vegetables, honeyed lemon and orange curd.  You’ll love it, or I hope you will.

Fortunately, a friend visits a few times a week, working her way patiently through my muddled notes as she helps me to test the recipes – ensuring they’ll work in your kitchen when you try them.  And, as my stress level continues to rise as that deadline grows closer still, my husband keeps me plied with plenty of organic dark chocolate and the occasional glass of red wine.

Of course, that’s not all we did (though that’s all that seems to occupy my mind these days).  So here’s a few things I loved this January:

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