Giveaway: Ancient Grains, Real Food Cookies, Tomatoes in Glass (and more)

einkorn berries ready for grinding

I’ve fallen in love with einkorn (as many of Nourished Kitchen’s facebook fans already know).  Einkorn is a beautifully rustic and ancient grain, and a precursor to modern hybridized wheat.  I love its softness, its mild flavor and the way it yields beautiful results in baking.  I typically make my no-knead sourdough bread with freshly ground, sifted einkorn flour, though I’ve also made biscuits and cookies with einkorn as well.

And while einkorn appeals to me in a culinary sense – that is, I love its pleasant flavor and baking qualities, it also appeals to my love of old things – heirloom vegetables, heritage breed meats, traditional foods.

And we’ve paired up with Jovial foods for a big package of real food for one lucky Nourished Kitchen reader, but first I want to tell you a little bit more about einkorn (and why I use it in my kitchen).

About Einkorn

I like to think of einkorn as the first wheat – the original wheat.  Indeed, einkorn is believed to be the first wheat to be domesticated and cultivated by early neolithic man, though there’s evidence that epi-paleolithic man also consumed einkorn.

Einkorn differs from modern hybridized wheats in a few fundamental ways: it contains just 14 chromosomes as compared to modern hybridized wheat which contains 42.  Further, the gliadin in einkorn is functionally different from the gliadin contained in modern versions of wheat with some data suggesting it might be better tolerated by those with wheat or gluten-sensitivities.  As is often the case with older varietals, einkorn is also richer in nutrients like beta carotene, B vitamins and antioxidants than its modern cousin.

eggs in jovial foods' cookies come from pasture-raised hens

about jovial foods

So, after buying several pounds of einkorn wheat berries to grind away in my nutrimill, I was elated to hear from Jovial foods about sponsoring a giveaway for Nourished Kitchen readers.  So we’ve got a huge package of some seriously good real food waiting for you, including einkorn flour, einkorn wheat berries, einkorn cookies and tomatoes jarred in glass.

But what’s more important is the Jovial foods is taking a truly ethical and responsible approach to their foods.  The eggs that go into their cookies are from pasture-raised hens.  While I don’t typically purchase cookies and snack foods, I did make an exception for their einkorn checkerboard cookies while on a road trip recently, and they are fantastic and not overtly sweet.

The giveaway

So this week, I’ve paired up with Jovial foods for a fantastic giveaway: a huge package of real food goodies!  You’ll win 2 packages of einkorn flour, 2 packages of einkorn wheat berries, 2 packages of einkorn pasta, 2 packages of einkorn cookies and 1 6-pack of organic whole peeled tomatoes in glass jars.

How to Win:

All you need to do is visit the link below and sign up for the Jovial Foods newsletter!  If you’d like to increase your odds of winning, fan Jovial foods on Facebook (they show pictures of their farms!), and follow them on twitter or be a Nourished Kitchen subscriber!

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You do not need to comment on this post to confirm your entry into this giveaway.  But let’s chat about einkorn anyway, it rocks!  Please do confirm your entries by using the widget below.  This giveaway is open to US residents aged 18+.
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