An advocate for farm fresh foods and sustainable agriculture, I believe that food is something worthy of celebration.  Alongside my husband, we’ve nurtured and grown our local foodshed – connecting small family farms with an eager customer base through our farmers market.   Together we created and manage a lively, progressive farmers market in the heart of Colorado ski country that nourishes our community.  With an unshakeable belief that everyone deserves access to high quality, nutrient-dense foods we’ve spearheaded programs that provide free food to low-income residents of our community and steadily supply our community’s foodbank with wholesome, sustainably grown local foods.   Real food takes real work.   And it’s worth it.

A labor of love, Nourished Kitchen’s goal is to promote sustainable agriculture and nutrient-dense, whole foods in everyday kitchens.  The focus here is on whole, unrefined foods prepared according to traditional methods that optimize nutrient density.  Cherish your body, nourish your kitchen.