Baby, I like It Raw: Mark McAfee Talks Raw Milk on Sickly Cat

If you’ve read Nourished Kitchen for any length of time, you know how I love to drink my milk raw, fresh and full of fat.  You’ve heard me wax poetic about my love of fresh cream and outline the reasons my family drinks raw milk, so when John Byrd of Sickly Cat emailed me with his recent interview with Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures in California, I simply had to share it with you.   The interview is a solid fifty minutes long, but it’s worth it.  So put the kids down for a nap, finish your supper, pour a glass of fresh raw milk and settle in for a stellar video in which Mark outlines the history pasteurization and homogenization, the benefits of raw milk, the politics of food.  He also discusses phytic acid, soybean milk and its dangers to reproductive health of both men and women.  He also discusses the difference between grainfeeding and grassfeeding, and thankfully addresses the question of why milk is an acceptable food past the age of weaning.

This is an amazing video – watch the whole thing.

Baby, I Like it Raw from Sickly Cat Network on Vimeo.