Braised Turnips with Parsley

The humble turnip.   It’s a much loathed vegetable.   Yet, like other underdogs of the vegetable world, it is deeply rich in nutrients.   Turnips are an especially good source of Vitamin C, manganese, copper and phosphorus and also contain good amounts of B vitamins.

An added benefit of turnips is that they are relatively inexpensive by comparison to the better loved vegetables like sugar snap peas and haricots vertes.   For example, this dish which incorporates the simplest of ingredients (turnips, ghee, bone broth and parsley) costs approximately $0.77 per serving.

braised turnips with parsley

By Jenny Published: August 16, 2008

    The humble turnip.   It's a much loathed vegetable.   Yet, like other underdogs of the vegetable world, it is deeply rich in …


    • 2 Tablespoons Ghee from Grass-fed Cows
    • 1lb Organic Turnips
    • 1 Cup Beef Bone Broth from Grass-fed Cattle
    • 2 Tablespoons Organic Dried Parsley
    • Real Salt and Organic Pepper to Taste


    1. You’ll need to peel and chop the turnips into bite-sized pieces. While you do that, heat the ghee in a pan over medium heat until it melts. Add the turnips and cook. They’ll brown a bit.
    2. Next, hit the turnips with bone broth and simmer them until they’re tender and the broth is reduced into a thick syrup. Bone broth is richly nutritive with its many easily absorbed minerals. Garnish with parsley during the last few minutes of cooking.
    3. Serve warm with mutton or beef for a wholesome, nourishing meal.

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      I made this at my family’s Thanksgiving this year, substituting the coconut oil and veggie broth, and was told that it should be a family tradition. (I also made your butternut squash & cinnamon, which was equally appreciated!) Thank you so much… I love your blog, and your attitude toward nourishment in general. :)

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