Reader Questions: All About Grains

Confused about grains? You’re not alone!  It seems that everyone is telling you – to either get more and more whole grains or to give them up entirely.  And, at Nourished Kitchen, we receive a lot of questions about the proper preparation of whole grains.  And while about 30% of readers adhere to a grain-free diet or find Nourished Kitchen after searching for information about grain-free diets, others, still prefer to include properly prepared whole grains in their regular meals.

As you watch the video and check out the many resources, make sure to download the transcript, too.

video: preparing whole grains

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further resources to get started

Download the transcript (with extra notes)

get more information and view previous Q&As

 healthy whole grains class and webinar

  • Click here for more information or to register for the healthy whole grains class.
  • Click here to register for the free webinar on preparing whole grains.

where to find grains, sprouted flours and grain mills

  • Bulk Whole Grains: You can find many good quality whole grains available in bulk from your local natural foods store, co-op or buying club.
  • Sprouted Flours and Goods: Sprouted flours, for those who do not make their own, are not widely available in natural foods stores or through most buying clubs.  You can, however, buy them directly from producers online (click here for sources).
  • Grain Mills and Equipment: Grain mills, both small hand-crank models and more expensive large models, are not routinely stocked in kitchen supply stores and so they usually must be ordered from specialty sources.  You can also find them online (click here for sources).
  • Sourdough Starters: If you have a good friend who bakes with sourdough or a bakery who’d be willing to part with their starter, you might be lucky enough to find an activated sourdough starter for free.  Otherwise, you can purchase starters online (click here).  It’s wise to choose a starter that uses the flour you’d bake with.

recipes for soured, soaked and sprouted whole grains

still grain-free?

  • If you’re looking to heal and have adopted a grain-free diet, make sure to check out this post on the GAPS Diet which also includes resources to get you started.
  • Check out the GAPS-friendly and paleo recipes on the site.

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  1. Barbara Smith says

    ** What certified food grade buckets/containers do you have? (and do they come highly recommended
    and Why?)
    * Are their any lids to the food grade buckets that have a rubber-like seal
    * Which SIZE bucket do you recommend to store dry goods (popcorn, etc) and Why?

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