Real Food Meal Plans for Busy Families

Weekly Menus, Shopping Lists, and Tips that Save You Money and Time

Feeding your family nourishing real foods  doesn’t have to be hard.  At Nourished Kitchen we put together stunning tried-and-true nutrient-dense recipes every day, and now you can receive weekly real food meal plans that never leave you asking, “What’s for dinner?”

You’ll be able to feed your family tried-and-true nourishing recipes that even kids and picky spouses will love.  It’s easy.  Plus one-on-one and group support is just an email away.

How does it work?

Each week you’ll receive an email with a link to download your weekly meal plan which includes 3 full dinner menus, 1 dessert, 1 soup and 1 ferment each week, plus bonus recipes.  Simply download the meal plan, print the shopping list and start cooking.  Each menu includes a simple do-it-ahead check list to make sure dinner always hits the table on time.

Plus, you’ll have full access to archived meal plans and our 700+ real food recipe database.  And if you have any questions, you’ll receive one-on-one support by email plus access to monthly conference calls with Jenny.

What’s included?

What’s Included Each Week
Support Special Concerns
  • 3 Dinner Menus
  • 1 Dessert
  • 1 Fermented Food
  • 1 Soup of the Week
  • Supplementary recipes for stock, yogurt and condiments.
  • One-on-one Support by Email
  • Monthly Conference Calls with Jenny
  • Meal Plans Delivered Wednesday Evenings
  • Easy substitutions make meal plans suitable for gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and GAPS / SCD diets.
  • All ingredients are natural, whole and unrefined foods.
  • We never use any refined oils, flours or sweeteners.
  • Recipes use seasonal ingredients and nutrient-dense animal foods.

It’s not just meal plans.  Check out this bonus:

Free Bonus - Hand Drawn Maroon

Access to a 700+ Real Food Recipe Database & Meal Plan Archives

Not only will you receive meal plans each week for the duration of your subscription, but you will also receive access to a 700+ searchable real food recipe database.  You’re never stuck for something to make for supper!


Why families love Nourished Kitchen Meal Plans:

“Just wanted to tell you how much I love your meal plans. I did in fact use them. My family likes the menus so much I’m almost insulted… I went ahead and subscribed for a full year!  Thanks again.  This has been great!”   – Megan V.
“Jenny, my wife bought your meal plans last month and we love them!  I can’t believe how great the food is.  We used to eat out all the time and now the kids want to eat at home.”  – Justin M.
“Thank you!  I finally got my husband to try kefir, and it’s so nice to have a buttermilk ranch dressing that doesn’t contain soybean oil! – Tina R.
Your meal plans are fantastic.  I love that you use simple healthy food, and you gave me the confidence to try liver. – Amy S.
I’ve been using your meal plans for three months, and I find myself actually saving money.  The shopping list makes it so easy, and I’m not spending money on wasted food.” – Jenn M.

Take the guess work out of traditional foods.  Start feeding your family healthy foods they’ll love today.
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Month-by-month $15
  • Weekly Real Food Meal Plans
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • 700+ Real Food Recipe Database
  • Bonus Recipes Every Week
  • Automatically charged every month.
  • Cancel Any Time!
BEST VALUE 1-Year Membership $85
  • Weekly Real Food Meal Plans
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • 700+ Real Food Recipe Database
  • Bonus Recipes Every Week
  • Access to Meal Plan Archives
  • Save 63% over the monthly plan.
3-month Access $37
  • Weekly Real Food Meal Plans
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • 700+ Real Food Recipe Database
  • Bonus Recipes Every Week
  • Access to Meal Plan Archives
  • Save 18% Over the Monthly Plan


100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Maroon

What if I don’t love the meal plans?

If you don’t absolutely love these meal plans, just shoot me an email within thirty days of your original order, and we’ll refund your money.  No questions asked.  It’s as easy as that.

Still have questions?

Simply email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.