GMO-free Foods: A List for Those Who Are GMO Free

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GMO-free foods are tough to find or, rather, it is simply difficult to differentiate between genetically modified ingredients and natural ingredients when reading the nutrition facts.   Consumers are confounded by the lack of reasonable and appropriate labeling laws for GMO foods  in the United States even though the vast majority of US consumers want genetically modified foods appropriately labeled.

Further Reading

Rather than waylay you with information on the detriments of GMO foods or scare you into going GMO-free, this post gives you a guide to which brands of foods are GMO-free at the time of writing.   Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive.

GMO-free Brands

These brands, at the time of writing, source their ingredients from GMO-free supplies.  If you’re concerned about the very real threat that genetically modified organisms pose to our food supply and ultimate health, please purchase from these companies and contact them to let them know that you support and value their decision to use non-gmo soy, corn, canola and other ingredients. Please enjoy this GMO-free food list and share it.

  • Arrowhead Mills: GMO-free providers of baking mixes and flours found in both natural health food stores and regular supermarkets.
  • Eden Foods: GMO-free providers of canned goods, noodles, tamari, miso, vinegar and Asian foodstuffs.
  • Natural Choice Foods:  GMO-free roviders of frozen dessert products.
  • Purity Foods: GMO-free makers of spelt-based noodles, snacks and other goodies.
  • Rapunzel: My all-time favorite chocolate company.  They also sell speciality oils.
  • Spectrum Oils: GMO-free manufacturer of speciality oils, cooking oils, salad oils and natural shortening.
  • Genisoy: Uses only certified GMO-free soybeans for their many soy products.
  • Earth’s Best: Baby food manufacturer uses non-GMO ingredients.
  • Healthy Times: Baby food manufacturer uses non-gmo ingredients.
  • Bob’s Red Mill: GMO-free provider of baking mixes and specialty flours.
  • Pamela’s Products: Provider of luscious gluten-free baking mixes sources non-GMO ingredients.
  • Whole Foods Store Brands: Whole foods has made the commitment to sourcing its ingredients from GMO-free sources.
  • Cascadian Farms: Provider of frozen entrees, juices, frozen vegetables and fruit, yogurt and other foods.
  • Imagine Foods: GMO-free provider of soy and rice milk as well as broth and other foods.
  • Muir Glen: Source of canned goods and vegetable juice uses gmo-free foods.
  • Thai Kitchen: Source for coconut milks and Asian ingredients sources gmo-free ingredients.
  • Amy’s Kitchen: GMO-free source of canned soups, chilies, boxed and frozen meals.
  • Nature’s Path: Manufacturer of cereals and snack bars made with ingredients sourced gmo-free.
  • Annie’s Naturals: Manufacturer of BBQ sauce, salad dressings and other condiments sourced from gmo-free ingredients.
  • San J: GMO-free manufacturer of soy sauce, shoyu and tamari.
  • Tradition Miso: Manufacturer of miso pastes that are made from GMO-free ingredients.
  • Barbara’s Bakery: Manufacturer of cookies sources from gmo-free ingredients.
  • Lundberg Family Farms: GMO-free provider of rice and wild rice foods including raw rice, soups and convenience foods.
  • Walkers: Provider of the best shortbread cookies ever as well as other sweet treats.
  • Fantastic Foods: Provider of hummus, falafel, risotto couscous, soup and other mixes with gmo-free ingredients.
  • Vitasoy: Manufacturer of soy-based foods sourced from gmo-free ingredients.
  • Clif: Manufacturer of energy bars sourced from gmo-free foods.
  • Kettle Chips: GMO-free manufacturer of potato and tortilla chips.
  • Que Pasa: Manufacturer of tortilla chips and other Mexican foods sourced from non-gmo ingredients.
  • Garden of Eatin: Manufacturer of chips, salsas and other snack foods.
  • French Meadow Bakery: Manufacturer of bread and baked goods using non-gmo ingredients.
  • White Wave: Manufacturer of soy products including tofu and tempeh using gmo-free soy.
  • Bearitos: Manufacturer of snack foods and dips using gmo-free foods.
  • Chaffin Family Orchards: Is committed to GMO-free foods and sells an assortment of goods including olive oil.
  • Cultures for Health: All starters and products sold at Cultures for Health are GMO-free.
  • Grindstone Bakery: GMO-free provider of wheat- and gluten-free bread.
  • Pure Indian Foods: GMO-free provider of grass-fed ghee.
  • To Your Health: Provider of gmo-free sprouted breads and sprouted flours.
  • US Wellness Meats: Provider of pasture- and grass-fed meats free of GMO supplemental feed.
  • Zukay: Provider of live cultured condiments and salsa free from GMO.
  • Wisconsin Healthy Grown Potatoes: GMO-free potatoes.

This list is not actively maintained or updated.   Please do not contact me and ask if any particular food is GMO-free, call the company and inquire.  If they can’t guarantee it’s GMO-free or give you the runaround about how GMOs aren’t bad, then it probably is genetically modified.

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What people are saying

  1. says

    What a great list! It’s frightening to think that it’s much shorter/easier to put together a list of companies that don’t use GMO’s than to put together a list of companies that do. Thanks for doing the leg work on this!

    Check out Julie’s last post: How to Make Whey for Soaking and Fermenting.

    • Toby says

      I noticed that a lot of these company’s are corporate owned, and give money to support the GMA’s fight against labeling. I boycott those company’s. I guess they are trying to cover all there base’s.

        • Okashikirikizu says

          Grocery Manufacturers Association. One of the biggest gmo supporters out there and the main force behind anti GMO labeling campaigns.

    • Cathy says

      I couldn’t help noticing –
      1. At the bottom of the list it states that you are keeping it updated but the last update is 5/4/09?? So are you trying to say that nothing has changed on list since that date ?
      2. why are you posting it on Facebook as though it is current information?

      I’m not trying to give you a hard time, but it is hard to have faith in 5 year old information.

  2. Jenny says

    Julie – Tell me about it! I did all that legwork in writing the post and then I hit “publish” and the list looked a LOT shorter than I’d hoped. I’m hoping to keep it updated with continual research.

  3. says

    Thanks for posting this as I’m starting to freak out about GMO’s and have been wondering how to start avoiding them and working it into my budget.

    • Okashikirikizu says

      A lot more companies are hopping on the non gmo bandwagon due to the increased awareness on gmos. When I first went non gmo my only option was Whole Foods and my grocery bill increased x4, but I was also trying to eat the same foods I did before (copycat fast food recipes that required a TON of ingredients). Now that I’ve educated myself, know what to look for and have come to the realization that I can’t eat fast food every day like I used to, my grocery bill is about the same as what it used to be. I go to Costco and buy what I can, bulk organic snacks, organic meat (usually whole chickens and then I pop in the oven or crockpot, shred and freeze), flour, sugar and frozen vegetables. Fresh organic produce I usually get from Safeway or Natural Grocers on sale and then freeze if I need to (conventional apples are most often frozen and sold a year later. The average apple is 18 months old by the time it goes from the farm to the store). I’ll pick one day a month when my husband can watch the kids for the day and I prepare all the food for the month. Yes that day can be a headache, but organic wine and my favorite tunes can help :)

  4. Georgia says

    Hope you’ll add Essential Eating to your list We have organic Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Wheat and Spelt Flours. We are GMO free!

  5. Wardeh @ says

    Thank you for this great list! I wonder how it is possible for some of these companies – thinking out loud here – who sell some non-organic foods to be also non-GMO? What springs to mind (and what brought me here) is Bob’s Red Mill Masa Harina, which is not organic. Perhaps I have been ignorant all along, but for many months now I have believed that any corn which is not organic is likely GMO. What do you think? I appreciate your input and hope my question was clear. :)

    • Bonnie says

      I own a health food store and research all products I carry to assure that they don’t contain GMOs. The Bob’s Red Mill has become employee-owned, and the company has assured me that they don’t use GMO ingredients, including the corn in their Masa Harina. In fact their Masa Harina is the only GMO-free brand I can find unless I want to purchase fifty kilos of the stuff.

    • Stephanie says

      Most of it out there probably is GMO, but Bob’s isn’t. The corn in this isn’t organic, though, even though it’s non-GMO. They could make it with organic corn if they wanted to, but even if it was, for this particular stuff, because of the way it is processed (with lime / ash) they can’t then label it as “organic.”

    • Okashikirikizu says

      I have the same mentality. If it’s not certified organic and/or non gmo then it’s gmo. After a week of searching I FINALLY found certified organic masa harina at Gold Mine Natural Foods.

  6. ShamanPhoenix says

    Hey Jenny,
    Thanx for your great works!
    We all need to connect and take a stand against gmos. If “we the people” don’t want gmos, why are they in the system? I’ll tell you why! Because “they” are “POISONING US FOR PROFIT” and “they” don’t give a —- about us or our health. This includes the government, whos’ only job is to protect and serve “we the people” not their “power and profits”!
    Sorry…I just had to rant. I am sooo frustrated (to put it mildly) about gmos being intentionally put into our food system against not only our knowledge, but against our will!
    We must band together and fight this attack on our most basic right…pure, healthy, chosen, foods!
    Thanx for letting me rant and rave about your good works:)
    Shaman Phoenix

    • Kim says

      I agree whole heartedly, unfortunately $$$ and hiden agendas speak louder. The only way to eat healthy wholesome foods is to grow them yourself and get a co-op together.

    • casey says

      Amen sister! I have recently been suffering from Morgellons disease. Of course I had to self diagnose because the doctors I have been to have never heard of it! Crazy being that it is a pandemic. Look it up! There is no cure but you can keep it controlled and live a somewhat normal life on a gmo free diet along with keeping the body in alkaline state also avoiding carbs and sugar. Doesn’t leave much left to eat so it sure would be nice to have more options. If I am fooled and eat something gmo I will suffer like you couldn’t even imagine! We who have Morgellons are told that we have parapsycosis thanks to government cover up! There is a site that explains why but it is too long to cover it up here. I just wonder if all the farms that they are taking over are gmo free? It would make sense. Please check it out because you will understand more why they are doing this to us. I will try to remember to send you a website that will completely blow your mind. I say I will try to because one of my symptoms is short term memory and brain fog. We need to get info out because people are committing suicide because of this disease. Sorry this is so long but it sounds like you care for the american public and feel as I do about putting an end to the genocide!

      • Okashikirikizu says

        Of course the government wouldn’t acknowledge any disease that can be controlled by not eating gmos because then they’d have to label them. Same thing with religion. I would think that at least one religion would have a problem with their food coming from a lab and not God/s. The “coincidental” lack of mandatory reasons to label is quite convenient for Monsanto, GMA, DuPont, Bayer, DoW etc.

    • Lynda says

      Wow. Have you really done the research on this? Do you not think there is plenty of money to be made in this latest craze?

    • Linda Livingston says

      L Posting us for profit is exactly right. Monsanto has been a purveyor of poisons since their inception:DDT, PCB, Agent Orange, the list goes on. Then they poison us with Roundup and then GMOs to RESIST their own Roundup poison. They are slime.

  7. D Brooks says

    GMO free foods are one thing, but I’m concerned about the water also. How can we find out if anything from these crops is seeping into the ground water? Is that possible? I know the pesticides do. Just wondering.

  8. Billy Licata says

    Who Ever made this list THANK YOU!!! 80 % of the corn grown in the US is GMO!!! 80% Dude! We must not take this as US citizens we need to fight this…. I Use to eat 100% corn scoops, so I called them to check well let me tell ya what they said ” We can’t confirm or deny about our corn” What the hell is that

    Bad News Bears = GMO Corn

    • Okashikirikizu says

      Trader Joe’s carries a certified organic corn chip which tastes almost exactly like Fritos scoops (knowing TJ’s they’re probably made by Frito Lay).

  9. scott says

    We must stop the monopoly of monsanto from buying all of the seeds!! This is an EARTH travesty no one owns nor can they own seeds. It is like saying a corporation can also own the Atlantic Ocean. Do all of you guys know that MONSANTO has bought over 11 thousand seeds and has patents on them. Watch The Future of Foods and become very concerned!! These guys are nutz!!!

    • Marcie Avery says

      As a mother of 8 children and grandmother of 16 I consider Monsanto public enemy #1. Our time would be better spent protesting Monsanto and those in alliance with them. They are the 1% that will poison us.

  10. scott says

    Did you hear about the farmer in Canada that had Monsantos round up ready seeds fly onto his fields by another farmer using the Monsanto seed? Monsanto filed a lawsuit against the farmer saying that the FARMER violated the Mansanto seed patent and he had to pay the company and destroy his seed!!!!??? The Canadian whacko judge ruled in favor of Monsanto!?? This just goes to show everyone that JUDGES HAVE HIDDEN AGENDAS. $$$$! Vote out bastard hippocrate judges and put them in prison.

  11. Rockie says

    Thanks for your hard work! I live in the USA & there is NO food labels listing GMo ingredients! I have some cans of Great Value corn & I refuse to eat it until I know if it’s genetically modified. (Great Value brand comes from several major brands, so it’s hard to tell.) I am slowly waking up to this GMo nightmare! I should probably toss the cans, eh?

  12. Jenny says

    Rockie –

    I’d probably toss the cans.  Even if the corn in them wasn’t derived from a GMO crop, chances are it contains citric acid or another processing agent that does was derived from GMO ingredients.  Incidentally, if you oppose GMOs, please consider expressing so in a public comment to the USDA as they are considering deregulating genetically engineered alfalfa (read more here:

    – Jenny

    • Tami says

      I would love to believe that’s true, but TJs has been sketchy about the verification. Why not just label their house brands GMO-free if that’s the case? The whole “no government standards” line doesn’t fly with me. Either it’s GMO-free or it isn’t. They’ve managed to add gluten-free labels to a lot of stuff…are there clearer government standards for that?

  13. Melissa says

    Thank you for this list. I too wish it waas longer. It is scary what is happening to our food. I was curious if Silk milk should be on this list. It claims to be GMO free. Is their claim not true?

    • Okashikirikizu says

      Unless it is certified gmo free with the non gmo project’s butterfly label or certified organic then it’s most likely from a gmo source.

  14. Emma says

    Thank you so much for posting this list! I just watched Food Inc. last night, so I’ve hoping to find a list like this one of GMO-free products. Thanks again and Happy Easter!

  15. Steve says

    Firstly I just wanted to say- great list- great job on spreading the awareness. I did want to mention however that as a big fan of Kettle brand chips that I recently noticed to my dismay that only CERTAIN varieties were certified GMO free. My favorite flavour for example actually says that it “CONTAINS GMO FREE INGREDIENTS” and thus is not GMO free. That made me wonder- “Organic” being such big business and the economy being as it is- how many other “non GMO” companies feeling the pressure to compete in the economy have gone this route of carefully wording the info on their products to make them seem GMO free when in fact they only have “GMO free ingredients”. Something worth looking into perhaps…?
    PS: I just wanted to second an earlier post about the great film “The Future Of Food”. This is by far one of the most understandable and comprehensive films on the topic of the threat to our food supply and explains exactly what GMO foods actually are and deftly explains the perverse politics involved.

  16. Jessie says

    Thanks for the list! I encourage folks to contact food producers & ask questions – that way they know we care about having non-GMO.

    I emailed my local supermarket (Wegmans) about their frozen corn to determine if it was non-GMO. I got back an email right away and then got a paper letter from the supplier of the store-brand. Answer – not GMO and they said they would consider my suggestion to label things non-GMO!

    Great news about Trader Joe’s.

  17. Gary says

    Nice list, now if you check out some of these companies on this list, you will see a lot of them use HEAXANE to process their products, which is very toxic, I hust thought I’d mention that, you can google which companies use HEXANE. Also check out Wegman’s getting stuff from China, that was non Organic, but labeled and priced as Organic, the bottom line is money, so sad!!

    God Bless

  18. steve rapp says

    i think of the favorite restaurants i patronize it makes me think of
    possible gmo products they are using. no wonder we have so many health
    problems in our great country. I am beginning to modify what I eat.

    • Okashikirikizu says

      Amen. There’s only 1 restaurant here in Colorado that is 99.9% gmo free that I will eat at. I think the majority of non gmo restaurant options are in California.

  19. Louis Chiodo says

    Your information is Invaluable to us who wish to avoid GMO’s as much as possible.


  20. Kenny says

    Over the past new weeks Whole Foods caved in to Pro .GMO Mr. Vilsack AT the USDA who with Whole Foods endorsement made GMO alfalfa completely deregulated in the USA . Whole Foods say they will co exist with GMO. i Boycott them now and sure they will be in the uses GMO list shortly. Shame on them ,2 faced company… Organic Valley, and Stonyfield Farm also joined up with whole foods to go pro Monsanto and Bio tech. All off my list of things to eat.

    Here’s the article for the “whole” story….

    • Rhonda says

      Cyndi, if something is certified organic, it is supposed to be GMO free. But because genetically engineered crops can cross pollinate with organically gown crops easily, some organics have now been contaminated. So even buying organic doesn’t completely protect us from GMOs. It is very frustrating, especially now that big organic firms like Stonyfield have decided not to fight against GMOs.

    • Nancy Lewison says

      Being organic means no pesticides.
      Non GMO means no altered DNA injections into the food seeds.
      Just because something says it is organic doesn’t
      necessarily mean it is non GMO,
      Meats are all GMO unless they are grass fed.
      Eating meat that is no hormones and antibiotics is a plus,
      but the animal may be eating contaminated grains (GMO’s).
      This is all a crazy mess.
      All about $$$$$.
      Mass production and feeding the world.
      80% of the corn is GMO.
      Absolutely do not eat corn.
      Do your research. Many names for corn.
      Corn Syrup is poison.
      Read labels,

      • Nancy Lewison says

        For those of you who are in the dark, do
        your research on Monsanto.
        Most have no clue what is going on.
        Clueless consumers.
        We live in a self destruct society.
        Very sad, :(

  21. Priya says

    I just called the Vitasoy company last week and they told me that their tofu is genetically modified. I asked the questions several times and she gave me the same answer. Consumers should always be aware and know that just because a company may carry healthier items, it doesn’t mean that they carry non-gmo products.

    • Okashikirikizu says

      I contacted them too about their products that have a label that self proclaim them to be gmo free, but are not certified by a third party, such as their Nasoya egg roll and wonton wrappers. I wrote an email and the lady said that they are gmo free. I asked about the eggs and if they were from chickens fed gmos. She said she’d get back to me. I called a week later and she said she was still looking into it and promised to get back to me. A week later after still not hearing anything I called again. She said that the company “didn’t know” and that there was no way for her to find the answer. Bullshit. Just tell me the truth, “yes the chickens are fed gmos, but we don’t want to take the misleading label off of our products or else we’ll lose money.” Boycott Nasoya and other brands with such misleading labels such as
      “made with non gmo ingredients”- some of the ingredients are non gmo, but not all of them.

      Companies that use organic in their name so they don’t have to use ALL organic ingredients (some don’t even use any) – Newmans Own organics (uses some organic ingredients, but also uses gmo in a lot of their products that aren’t certified.
      Organix hair care products-not a single ingredient in their shampoo and conditioner that I bought was organic. Especially watch out for beauty products that use a brand name derived from the word organic. Chances are they’re charging you an organic price for a sulfate filled alcohol hair product.

  22. Bob says

    On October 16, 2011 (World Food Day) I asked my “natural” food co-op in Minneapolis, The Wedge, to stop selling unlabeled GMO food. General Manager Lindy Bannister responded “We have no way of knowing if [GMOs] are in our products since they are not labeled.” She also said that labeling is “activist theater” that “does not actually work to inform consumers.”

    When I asked “Have you asked manufacturers and suppliers whether their food products contain GMOs?” I got no response.

    The Wedge is one of the largest and wealthiest natural food grocery co-ops in the U.S., and no doubt has the resources to research which food brands are GMO-free, just as Nourished Kitchen has done here. They lack only the will to do so.

    Thank you Jenny of Nourished Kitchen for compiling this list. Thanks also to Gary for reporting that some of the companies on the list use toxic hexane to process their soybeans, and to Priya for reporting that Vitasoy now says their tofu is GMO.

    Hopefully Jenny will keep her list updated with continual research, as she said she hoped to do in May 2009.

  23. says

    Great list! Saving it for reference. Is there any way to find out if Augason Farms… specializing in emergency food supplies is GMO-free? We bought their pinto beans and rice and before I use them I want to make sure they’re safe.

    Thank you!

    • says

      I know your comment is old, but I just wanted to say that as of today pinto beans and rice are NOT genetically modified. Corn and soy and canola and a few others are the ones that are, but beans and rice are good. :)

  24. Yvonne G. says

    Before reading this article, I did not know what GMO was or what was going on in the food production lines. Reading this article made me research a little on the way they process the food that we eat from the stores and I feel that it is unethical. I appreciate the help on picking healthier choices of food brands.

  25. J. Morris says

    Reading this gave me a lot of knowledge on what GMO foods were and how to aviod them. It is hard to believe that people add things to the food that they know are harmful to our bodies . Now that I have this information I will be more careful in picking my food to make sure that it is GMO free.

  26. Rosie says

    Check your sources. Most of those are genetically modified. Hain Celestial owns many of those. Stockholders of that company include MONSANTO, WALMART, and many others of that nature I can’t remember. The big boys bought out Imagine Foods for instance in the 90s again to take advantage of natural food marketing. It’s a bunch of bulldhit. Look into it.

  27. says

    Great list. Our company Sunfood ( also offers Non-GMO products. If you’re reading this before November 2012, and you live in California, PLEASE don’t forget to vote! The GMO labeling measure is on the ballot and we need to support labeling GMO foods! Tell all your California friends and family members!! :)

  28. Calamari says

    This list needs to be updated. Organic brands are being bought by the ‘bad’ companies and now contain GMO ingredients. I looked at the label on Annie’s salad dressings just today. Canola oil is one of their main ingredients. There is a chart of Organic brands that have been bought out, by

  29. says

    I visited Bob’s Red Mill last week and Bob himself couldn’t tell us for sure that all of his products are GMO free. He will have a testing system in place shortly. He spent over $ 100.000 in the equipment that we could all see, still wrapped and delivered from Germany. I am sure Bob and the company will provide their customers with the appropriate labeling in the close future.

  30. courtney says

    Don’t be fooled, many of Whole Foods items are labeled organic, but that does NOT mean they are non GMO!! Whole foods is not not GMO.

  31. says

    I called several companies and got pretty much the whole spectrum of answers. Old El Paso, however, does not buy GMO’s. They said they cannot control if a non-GMO product was shipped in a container that had GMO’s in it before, but they are making an effort, and I think we should support them over other brands (such as La Victoria) that are not making an effort.

    • Ginny Hensler says

      I switched my dog to Newman’s Own canned dog food–grain-free. After 10 years on supposedly good kibble, he is now free from his horrible allergies (scratching, biting, etc.) and it took only 2 days! Better this than vet bills……

  32. Archie says

    Think about this: In a sane world, all men and women willfully participating in GMO production, distribution and deception – as well as those openly poisoning entire cities and populations by means of ‘chemtrails’ – would be found, arrested, tried, sentenced and imprisoned – for attempted mass genocide!

    Ask yourself: Why are these crimes being tolerated today?

    You can bet the ones engineering the seeds and the ‘artificial clouds’ live well away from it.

    And since no one in their inner-circle seems to have the courage to turn them in and see to it they are brought to justice and prosecuted, we can only hope that these evil people who have set this awful trap for mankind fall into the same one themselves.

    • Amy says

      It’s a disgrace that our FDA & USDA allows Monsatan, Dow, Bayer, Dupont, and the rest of the big Agro companies free reign to poison us with their toxic chemicals. They most definitely should be arrested and imprisoned, but I guess like the Big Banks they are too big to prosecute…sigh. This world has gone to hell for the 98%.

  33. Gene says

    Here’s another industry that is trying to pull a fast one on us, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing that the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) have filed a petition requesting that the Agency amend the standard of identity for milk and 17 other dairy products to provide for the use of any safe and suitable sweetener as an optional ingredient. FDA is issuing this notice to request comments, data, and information about the issues presented in the petition.
    You can go there and leave a comment till May 21 2013. So far there has only been 191 comments made, that’s a shame, but people probably don’t know about it. The article I seen, said they want to put Aspartame in it an NOT label it. The FDA banned this stuff for 16 years and in 1981 they caved, thanks to Donald Rumsfeld.
    Did you folks hear Obama has signed the Monsanto Protection Act? He should be put in prison for 100 years.
    Go here

  34. beebetree says

    This is horrible, I want to help out and contribute one day… but to the one person who said don’t be fooled by the organic labels @ the whole food stores… I read that by law they cant label something organic when it’s not… what’s going on ? idk its sad people in third world countries are better off than we are.But thank God for Jesus Christ… thank God… the battle isn’t ours but His and God always wins against satan and those who follow Him… The world needs much prayer.

  35. christina says

    I am new to this whole gmo thing I can’t convince my husband that its bad he loves his ground beef and doesn’t care from where can I convince him otherwise. Is there anywhere I can go to purchase safe meat?

  36. Sandy says

    You can’t just go by this list. Some of these product lines are owned by large corporations that DO include GMOs in other products they sell. Unethical, in my opinion, that they’re willing to poison our families out of one hand and offer ‘organic, gmo free’ out of the other hand. If they can provide the latter they should absolutely be able to make all of their offerings gmo free. Don’t support the Monsanto supporters.

  37. Mkay608 says

    Great list. I just saw a brand of snack foods at Safeway that’s GMO free – Wai Lana (chips, bars, salsas, etc.), thought I’d add to the list. I thought it was pretty cool to not have to go to the health food store to find that written on food packaging!

  38. Kucher says

    Hi american you free nation ? I think you wrong . You’r freedom is comment’s only, you can say any think online So go outside and protest government i’m shure you get ticket or you go to court maybe gail sooo and you steel say we’ar only free nation on earth daaa. Go out side and we see people around the world make fun of you ‘r freedom

  39. Kucher says

    So march 25 protest around the world ,protest monsanto company, portland oregon people go protest those monsters ,you must go online and check wen wer and what time , then after protest if you win agents those money monster you don’t have to leave negative comments so think about your children’s and be brave in you life then you can say we’re free people

  40. Kucher says

    Don’t forget remind people how free you’r and how you go defend you and you’r family march 25 protest agenst monsanto company , like people in Europe protest gmo food and win ,now most food in store in eurozone gmo free

    • lucy townsley says

      When in Europe a few years ago, my husband and I liked their bread. I purchased a cookbook on bread baking and decided to bake European bread. Using those instructions I could not produce an edible loaf of bread. When I complained to my cousin, she laughed at me and said “don’t you know that our flour is no longer flour?” What a gruesome thought!

  41. Maximus1323 says

    Monsanto is a criminal enterprise. We have chemical companies like them, Dow, DuPont, bringing food to our tables??? We need to rise up, before these bastards drive us six feet under..and they will. This is our food, our lives. How can we just sit here, in this country, and let it happen? Can’t really buy corn anymore, because it’s either GMO seeds or contaminated. Soy is almost there as well. And sugar..and cattle feed…you name it. Monsanto has to be stopped. Investors need to pull the plug. Without money, they are nothing.

  42. Munapua says

    Spectrum is NOT GMO free……I was bummed out when I found out, had to throw a lot of stuff away!!!

  43. says

    what is a good way to interest people in not using gmo productds and high fructose corn syrup ? i took a letter to safeway and city market asking if they would identify non gmo products on the shelves. as with other things in life all
    i talked to had no idea of what gmo products do and seemed not to care. b sargent

    • Charlene says

      All the food items are sold in specialty stores in the city; I don’t see these foods in Vons. What about flours, bakery ingredients, and meats?

  44. rbwieder says

    I saw that this article said that all whole foods brand products are gmo free..THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! Please correct this!!
    I went to whole foods to scope out the gmo free snack options for my 16th month old and noticed that some things said “365 “and some said” 365 organic”. I asked a sales person if all 365 products are gmo free he really didnt know and called over a manager. The manager said that unless labeled gmo free then the 365 product is not gmo free. Only the products “365 orhanic” products are gmo free. what a scam!!!

  45. says

    We have certified All natural, NHTC, Gap level 1, Non- GMO corn finished beef for sale. We are finalizing our certification with the NON-GMO project group to become a certified supplier as we speak. Our final audit took place last Friday and now we are just waiting to get our website posted on their site. Our other certifications have been in place for over a year with IMI Global. If there are any questions or comments e-mail or call anytime the phone number is on the website.

  46. Debbie says

    i don’t think you can be sure anything is GMO free. The main ingredient may be but many foods have imported ingredients in them and it will be more dificult to track all the ingredients.

    You are better off only eating non processed foods. Whole foods.

  47. Debbie says

    Also just because something is GMO free doesn’t mean it is good for you.. It may contain high dosages of MSG or aspartame. MSG has many different names.

    MSG and Aspartame kill brain cells. Google Dr. Blaylock who is a neurosurgeon.

  48. says

    Nice to see NON-GMO interesting is getting larger and larger! We in Hawaii have been fighting GMO crops for a long time and we are so far winning! My company Hawaiian Islands Candle Company, is also transitioning to 100% organic non-gmo soy candles! Check us out at

  49. Jessica says

    It’s very nice that you have identified all these GMO free foods. Thank you.

    Some of the companies, or their parent companies, that make these foods use their financial influence to stop GMOs from being labeled. Off the top of my head: Cascadian Farm, Muir Glen, and Spectrum. Since large powerful companies are fighting to keep GMOs from being labeled using their money; the consumer needs to use their money to support labeling GMO’s. That means boycotting all companies whose parent company is against labeling GMOs.

  50. eileen Michael says

    Ive Been Hunting Through Grocery Stores Looking For Gmo Free Foods. This Has Been A Scary Learning Experience. I Have A Large Family To Trader Joes Just Doesnt Work Fir Us. I Normally Shop Safeway And My Monthly Grocery Bil Is Around 800 Supplemented WitH Costco Trips. I Tried RalEys But Im Just Not Fond Of Prices. My Question Is “Open Nature” Safeway Brand, Are They Gmo Free? I Cant Find Everything Organi And Open Nature Seems To Be Available. No Rep I Asked At The Store Tonight Had Any Clue And That Bugs Me. I Cant Find Info On THe Safeway Web Site. Help!

    • says

      No. “Open Nature” is not open, or natural. It’s a mass produced corporate consumer product that I would not define as food. It is not organic, it is not certified non-GMO. It’s garbage. Don’t buy it. Don’t support stores that sell it.

  51. TJ says

    Also, all Arbonne products are vegan certified, have NO GMO’S, ZERO gluten, NO processed sugars, NO animal products or by-products. This goes for the skincare, the detox weight loss, and all the nutritional products. I LOVE my vegan vanilla protein shakes!

    • Okashikirikizu says

      Don’t repost this. It’s not up to date or accurate like the author mentions. A lot of companies like Amy’s and Vitasoy/Nasoya self proclaim themselves as non gmo, but when it comes to animal products such as the eggs and cheese in their products, they do not and cannot guarantee it’s non gmo. Even Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s states that any of their private label foods that contain animal products are most likely from animals fed gmos. Whole Foods also states that items in their bakery and hot food bar are not sourced from non gmo sources. Stick with products labeled by the non gmo project and/or certified organic.

  52. says

    Thank you. I was standing in the store trying to find out if Bobs Red Mill corn meal was GMO or not because I use it to keep my home baked bread from stinking to the stone. Now I can rest at ease.

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