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how to ferment anything Learn the art of fermentation including when to use a starter, when not to use a starter, how to choose equipment and ferment anything from dairy to vegetables, fruits to meats, homemade sodas, kombucha, kefir, kvass and more… meal plans from nourished kitchenSimple meal plans featuring whole foods, healthy fats and seasonal ingredients.  Suitable for grain-free, dairy-free and WAPF diets.  Each week features 3 dinner menus, bonus recipes, shopping list, cooking tips and tips for making dinner even more budget-friendly. Real Food for the Holidays is a multimedia cooking class that helps to guide you through preparing healthy, natural holiday dishes based on whole foods. The class features 10 workshops, 30 videos, 30 preplanned menus and 175 recipes.

E-books, Classes and Meal Plansfrom Nourished Kitchen partners:

Organic Beauty – Ebook by Mommypotamus

organic beauty book You should never put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth.  Organic Beauty is a comprehensive ebook that will show you how to make your own beauty and cosmetic products: tooth powder, lotions, creams, conditioners, etc. 

Real Food 101 from Our Nourishing Roots

Real Food 101 A visual companion to Nourishing Traditions-style foods, these step-by-step tutorials in full color photos teach you how to implement real food into your kitchen, easily and confidently!

Better than a Box from Kitchen Stewardship

BTAB-book-face_thumb Better than a Box is Kitchen’s Stewardships popular ebook on transforming processed food pantry items into made-from-scratch, whole food favorites. 

GAPS Freezer Cooking Guide from Health, Home and Happiness

Real Food 101 Grain Free Meal Plans Freezer Cooking Guide guides you through stocking your freezer in 5 shorter cooking blocks with 22 Breakfasts, 10 lunches, 16 Dinners, 28 Snacks and Sides, and 8 desserts (each serves 4). Great for working or homeschooling families, when you’re expecting a baby, or are just busy with sports and activities for a season! GAPS and SCD friendly, most dairy is optional.

Nourished Baby from Mommypotamus

Nourished Baby offers the insights you need to make the healthiest decisions for your precious baby. You’ll learn how to decode your cravings while nursing, why you should skip rice cereal and what the latest research says about introducing peanuts, eggs and other “allergenic” foods. Plus, enjoy over thirty nutrient rich recipes.

Natural Cocktails from Our Nourishing Roots

Homemade alcoholic drinks for the real foodie, without dyes, artificial colors, or fake flavors. Shake up your favorite mixed drinks at home, from classic Martinis to contemporary Cosmopolitans.

What can I eat now? 30 Days on the GAPS Intro – eBook by Health Home Happiness

gaps introduction What Can I Eat Now is a 57-page e-book with full color photographs, and includes recipes for 30 days on the GAPS intro, a table of contents and index, helpful tips.

The Healthy Lunchbox from Kitchen Stewardship

3D-Book-web The Healthy Lunchbox from Kitchen Stewardship brings some simple, real food lunches to the kitchen table with emphasis on wholesome, natural cooking.

Simply Salads by Season from Food Renegade

simply-salads-3d-ebook-450 Simply Salads is a charming ebook about preparing natural, delicious and wholesome salad recipes based on seasonal ingredients from spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Quit PMS by Empowered Sustenance

Quit-PMS-eReader-cover-208x300 Quit PMS by Empowered Sustenance provides the keys to balancing hormones naturally through sleep cycles, real food and common sense.   

Online Classes:

Real Food for Rookies – An Online Class by Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Are you overwhelmed with all you’ve heard from the “experts” about what you should be eating? Learn the basics in this 12-week online class, including how to fit Real Food into your busy schedule and into your budget. Go with Kelly into the kitchen, to the farm, and to the store where she’ll teach you what it took her years to learn!

Beautiful Babies – An Online Class by Food Renegade

baby-smile-towel-2 Comprehensive online course covering traditional nutrition for preconception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and babies first foods based on the Weston A Price Foundation’s dietary guidelines for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Real Food Nutrition & Health – An Online Class by Food Renegade

get cultured An online class for kids aged 11+ that teaches the science behind real food nutrition and health from the Weston A Price Foundation’s perspective.

Go Grain-free – a Class by Real Food Forager

get cultured An e-course that shares over 80 video and over 150 recipes for baking, cooking, condiments, staples, meals and more — all without using any grains or starches. Appropriate for SCD, GAPS, Paleo, Primal eaters. The recipes are also dairy, soy, additive, and refined sugar-free. This is a powerful food plan that allows healing from many health conditions.

Meal Plans:

Grain-free Meal Plans – Meal Plans by Health Home Happiness

Grain-free Meal Plans Grain-free meal plans offering plans, menus and recipes for breakfasts, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Suitable for the GAPS diet.