Support the Labeling of GMOs and Win Live Cultured Kvass ($250 Combined Value)

With the vote on proposition 37 looming in California, the debate on labeling GMOs is growing stronger with an ever more fervent pitch.  There’s a lot of money being spent to oppose the mere labeling of GMOs in California. Should Proposition 37 pass in California, it would likely affect the labeling of GMOs on food products sold in the US, outside of California, too.  And finally, Americans will have a clearer picture of the foods they choose to consume.

the fight to label gmos (and what you can do)

The companies that oppose labeling of GMOs (including the parent companies of many of your favorite natural and organic foods brands) have contributed over $34 million against Proposition 37 in California.  Proponents of labeling have only been able to contribute a fraction of that amount which is why we need you – not only to drum up support and awareness of the fight to label GMOs, but also to financially support the fight as well.

For this reason, many of your favorite real and traditional foods bloggers have paired up with companies that do not use GMOs and support the labeling of GMOs to bring about awareness of Proposition 37 and increase the financial solvency of the fight to get GMOs labeled in California.  And it’s a fight that affects all of us, whether you live in California or not.

about zukay live foods

Zukay is an small, artisan food producer that focuses exclusively on naturally fermented foods: salad dressing and a variety of probiotic vegetable tonics called kvass.  Zukay not only produces classics like beet kvass, but also kvasses produced from carrots, mixed vegetables, greens – and my favorite:  Carrot Ginger Kvass.  Zukay uses organically grown vegetables produced either on their farmstead or near their farmstead to reduce their carbon footprint.

what you can win

Zukay is giving away a 6-pack of Naturally Fermented Kvass to ten Nourished Kitchen readers for  a total combined value of $250.  Each of the ten winners will win a 6-pack of Zukay kvass valued at $25.  Their kvasses include many different flavors and combinitions.

Varietie Available from Zukay

how to enter

You can enter this giveaway by signing up for or being a current subscriber to the Nourished Kitchen newsletter.  Then I’m asking you to either contribute a donation in support of Proposition 37 or leave a comment in support of labeling GMOs below.  You can increase your odds of winning by liking Nourished Kitchen on facebook or Google+ and sharing this giveaway via social media.

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There is no purchase necessary to win. This sweepstakes is open to US residents aged 18+ only, except where prohibited by law. Residents of New York, Florida and Rhode Island are not eligible. View the full eligibility requirements and rules here.

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