Support the Labeling of GMOs and Win Live Cultured Kvass ($250 Combined Value)

With the vote on proposition 37 looming in California, the debate on labeling GMOs is growing stronger with an ever more fervent pitch.  There’s a lot of money being spent to oppose the mere labeling of GMOs in California. Should Proposition 37 pass in California, it would likely affect the labeling of GMOs on food products sold in the US, outside of California, too.  And finally, Americans will have a clearer picture of the foods they choose to consume.

the fight to label gmos (and what you can do)

The companies that oppose labeling of GMOs (including the parent companies of many of your favorite natural and organic foods brands) have contributed over $34 million against Proposition 37 in California.  Proponents of labeling have only been able to contribute a fraction of that amount which is why we need you – not only to drum up support and awareness of the fight to label GMOs, but also to financially support the fight as well.

For this reason, many of your favorite real and traditional foods bloggers have paired up with companies that do not use GMOs and support the labeling of GMOs to bring about awareness of Proposition 37 and increase the financial solvency of the fight to get GMOs labeled in California.  And it’s a fight that affects all of us, whether you live in California or not.

about zukay live foods

Zukay is an small, artisan food producer that focuses exclusively on naturally fermented foods: salad dressing and a variety of probiotic vegetable tonics called kvass.  Zukay not only produces classics like beet kvass, but also kvasses produced from carrots, mixed vegetables, greens – and my favorite:  Carrot Ginger Kvass.  Zukay uses organically grown vegetables produced either on their farmstead or near their farmstead to reduce their carbon footprint.

what you can win

Zukay is giving away a 6-pack of Naturally Fermented Kvass to ten Nourished Kitchen readers for  a total combined value of $250.  Each of the ten winners will win a 6-pack of Zukay kvass valued at $25.  Their kvasses include many different flavors and combinitions.

Varietie Available from Zukay

how to enter

You can enter this giveaway by signing up for or being a current subscriber to the Nourished Kitchen newsletter.  Then I’m asking you to either contribute a donation in support of Proposition 37 or leave a comment in support of labeling GMOs below.  You can increase your odds of winning by liking Nourished Kitchen on facebook or Google+ and sharing this giveaway via social media.

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There is no purchase necessary to win. This sweepstakes is open to US residents aged 18+ only, except where prohibited by law. Residents of New York, Florida and Rhode Island are not eligible. View the full eligibility requirements and rules here.

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What people are saying

  1. BlessedCP says

    I didn’t donate but I DO support the labeling of GMO’s. I’d love to know more specifically what is in the foods I am consuming so that I can make an informed decision.

  2. says

    Folks should have the right to know what they are eating!!! I support labeling. I don’t live in CA, but I think what happens there will set the precedence for other states and our nation!

  3. Tammy says

    We should be able to know what is in our food, especially if it is dangerous. Why the secrecy is nothing is wrong with it?

  4. GardenFresh says

    I personally really try to stay away from GMOs and would love to do that much more easily, and I don’t see any drawback in giving consumers more info about what’s in their food. Those who don’t care wouldn’t have to pay attention to the labeling.

  5. Emily P in DC says

    I support labeling of GMOs! We have to follow the precautionary principle, if it hasn’t been proven safe, it shouldn’t be considered to be harmless and we should have a right to know what’s in our food!

  6. Michael says

    I support labeling of GMOs! Just like things are labeled vegan, organic, or gluten-free, it follows that there should be a likewise notice for genetically modified items.

  7. Ruth says

    I think it is so important to label GMOs. How can we properly steward our bodies if we do not know what we are putting in them? In my case, I simply won’t buy an item if I don’t know. This is necessary for the health of many.

  8. says

    It is so important to know what ingredients are in the products I buy, especially because I have a daughter now. I am glad you have brought this issue to my attention, and I look forward to researching it to be more aware. Thanks!!

  9. Jessica T says

    I can’t afford to donate. But I definitely support prop 37 and have tried my best to tell my family and friends in Ca to vote YES on it, so hopefully they will! While this is a great starter, I feel the exemptions in this bill were a horrible idea. But I also feel that at least it is bringing GMO to light for those who have never given it a thought! We need to educate people in order to make changes.

  10. Amy Roberts says

    I strongly support labeling!! If we lose this battle, then our food will wind up having no telling what in it!!!

  11. mike brilowski says

    Nature is so perfect already. I’d really rather not see any messing with gmo at all but since that’s too late we really need to be able to choose to avoid them. Labeling a product that contains gmo is our first line of defense.

  12. says

    I strongly support GMO labeling. I don’t like being used as a guinea pig and I resent things being hidden in our food supply. Being able to make an informed buying choice will be a big step toward showing big Ag and Monsanto with our pocketbooks that we won’t support their products. Money talks and that’s why they are fighting this so hard.

  13. Maureen says

    I want to know what I’m eating and will vote for Prop 37. And Kyvass is a great product; first time I tried some, my body went ‘Yeah!’ Especially like the Veggie Medley.

  14. Anna Watkins says

    Everything in foods should be on the label. That way people can choose their food if they want, instead of having it chosen for them. I also think that things like ‘natural flavorings’ should be explained in real terms on labels, because usually nothing about them is “natural.” Please please I hope this prop passes in California, where many changes are born.

  15. says

    I think it simplest terms, if you product is honest, why not label it? Ergo….
    It’s wonderful to see so many in support of NO GMO – if we stick together we can win.

  16. says

    We absolutely support Yes on Prop 37. GMOs are dangerous, untested and making us sick (proven by some few studies done to be dangerous and deadly!). We absolutely must require labeling since we cannot get our governments to ban them as we originally wanted. We cannot fail in this as we did in the bans. Labeling will help us avoid them and just like any other toxin put in food from trans fats and excito-toxins we should have it on the labels so we can AVOID it.

  17. Lindsay K says

    I just want to know what I’m eating. I want everyone to have a choice and to know what’s in the food they feed their families.

  18. Nina Sheehan says

    We all should support Prop 37 in CA (by whatever means we can, voting if we live in state, donating and spreading the word) because, plain and simple, we have a right to know what we purchase…..especially what we are ingesting into our bodies. Not even going into the effects of GMOs or the corruption to hide them, we have a right to know.

  19. Delicia Beaty says

    My vote counter is not working so I don’t know what else I am supposed to do … hmmm … will share the giveaway on fb and google : )

  20. Tina says

    I like u on FB, receive emails and shared the giveaway on FB also. I wish I could vote in California. Everyone should know what they are eating.

  21. Anita says

    I strongly support Prop 37. Although i am not a California resident and cannot vote, i personally called the white house comment line asked them if they could inform me of President Obama’s stance on GMO’s. I also clearly stated my concern about GMO presence in our food supply and lack of labeling that results in limited consumer awareness.

  22. Rachel says

    I very strongly support the labeling of GMOs. We all have a right to know what goes into our food, and to make informed decisions.

    • Keely Murdoch says

      I definitely support Prop 37. All GMO’should be labeled (I would prefer banned). It is ridiculous that consumers in this county can’t get ver basic information about the food we buy.

  23. JAyne Edighoffer says

    Food freedom should be advocated for more. I believe we all have the right to know what is in our food and how it is created. GMO labelling should be mandatory.

  24. Viva B. says

    I absolutely support the labeling of GMO foods…we have the right to know and the right to choose our foods. I also looooove zukay drinks…they are delicious!

  25. Tandy says

    We’ve donated elsewhere, so just commenting.. I absolutely have the right to know what is in the foods I prepare for my family!! We all do- we all should have the right to chose what we put into our bodies.. Even if that means ones choice to eat toxic GMO’s. Hell yes we will fight to label them!’s the first step in banning them!
    Jenny, thanks for raising awareness and for helping fight the fight!

  26. Megan says

    I also support the labeling of GMOs. In theory, they arent neccessarily a bad thing, and even have a lot of possible benifits. In reality, they are just used by Monsanto and other companies to do a lot of terrible things that would take much more space than I have here to talk about. GMOs have a lot of potential to do wonderful things, but they are currently being used as a tool by large companies to ensure monopolies on the market.

  27. a8ala says

    I emphatically support the labeling of GMO’s. The food coop that I belong to has spent a lot of time and effort to label anything that might have GMO’s in it so that those shopping can know what they are buying.

  28. Marthalynn says

    I support labeling all GMO products. I feel it is important to know what we are consuming, both for ourselves and our children. It baffles me that producers would want to hide information from their consumers! I always say, if you have to hide something then you probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place!

  29. Jessi Vandagriff says

    I have been posting YES on Prop 37 posts on my facebook account for weeks. If my friends weren’t aware of the issue before, they are now. Knowledge is power. I worked in a molecular biology labs for a couple of years. I saw first hand how our genetically modified mice suffered and died. Let’s get the labeling started!

  30. says

    This is an important topic and a way for consumers to vote with their wallets and their voices. Our connected world gives us great opportunities to express our beliefs and support what we value. If we don’t take action we let the Goliaths win. Be like David take your slingshot and shoot down Monsanto and other Goliaths who are and will suppress our rights to live and raise our families as we choose.

  31. Colleen M says

    I think it’s important people know what their eating. No more pulling the wool over our eyes. We have a right to know what’s in our food, the big companies can’t keep this up for long!

  32. says

    I strongly support the labeling of GMO foods! We have the right to know what is put in our foods. Thank you for bringing more awareness to this important topic!

  33. Kevin says

    One way we can influence this issue, is by paying close attention to which food suppliers are the real deal and actually do support Prop 37 (as opposed to always serving up good marketing lip service) and then reward/support them by choosing their products over those of their less than genuine competitors.

  34. Roxie McD says

    If Monsanto’s GMO products are healthy, then they should be proud to label them! People with nothing to hide, hide nothing!

  35. Amanda says

    Sending my support for Prop 37 from Massachusetts–hope to see it pass in CA and set a good example for the rest of the country :)

  36. Tara McGinnis says

    I support the labeling of GMO items. Without this labeling, we as purchasers cannot feel safe voting with our buck if we are not sure of what we are eating. Plus, the average American is still ignorant of this issue and labeling would make it more aware of the choices they are making.

  37. Leslie Talley says

    I didn’t donate but I support Prop 37 because the health of my children (and future grandchildren) depend on it.

  38. Monique Verdin says

    I gathered signatures to get this prop on the ballot and am doing my darndest to get people in formed by plastering my fb page with info on it, as well as by recently writing a letter to the editor of our local paper, as well as attending a forum on the subject.

  39. Sarah H says

    I’d really like to know what is GMO… I don’t think we have a long enough scope to understand their impact on our environment and ourselves.

  40. Melissa C. says

    As I mentioned on the other giveaway, I tried to follow the link to donate to the cause, but I could not get through. I’m planning on donating $10 if I can get to the page next time. In the meantime I want to show my support for the labeling of GMOs. We have a right to know what our food is made of so that we can make informed choices for ourselves and our families. All we want is information…is that too much to ask???

  41. Matthew says

    My gut bacteria fully support the labeling of GMO’s. They strongly prefer not to interact with them solely due to the negligence of their host to read labels or question ingredients “just this one time ‘cuz it’s a family gathering and it won’t hurt just this once…”

    Your gut bacteria want to like you. They want to produce a beautiful symphony of B-vitamins for you. They want to make your stool not-too-soft, not-too-firm, but just right, so that you don’t have to strain during one of the most non-productive parts of your day. They DO NOT want to have their own DNA torn apart by a malicious foreign chemical. They DO NOT want to be cleared out of their comfortable home only to be replaced by DIFFicult (C. difficile) newcomers or some trouble-maker claiming to be a “Fun Guy” (fungi…Candida spp.)… har har.
    Be nice to them, and they’ll be nice to you.

    Don’t eat crap.
    –future MD

  42. j says

    the right to know is the first key. if people were to see, on a label, that that product had something called gmo’s in it, that would be the first step on their path to awareness and asking questions, leading to better choices. right now, a lot of people dont even know what the issue is, period.

  43. Jamie says

    I find it astonishing that there is so much opposition to labeling GMO food. They aren’t asking to ban GMO’s. Shouldn’t consumers have a right to make informed decisions?

  44. Christine Check says

    I think it is very sad that in the times we live in we can not decide if we want GMO’s in our food. We do not know the side effects of eating GMO’s. Our children will suffer the most.

  45. Christine Check says

    GMO labeling should be mandatory. Consumers have a right to make informed decisions on the foods we eat especially for our children. They will suffer the most from the side effects.

  46. Beth says

    I support prop 37. We have a right to know what we’re putting into our bodies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a store, hoping the product is non-gmo, called the company and most often, they don’t even know. They have to call me back. Ugh.

  47. AnnMarie Deis says

    I believe wholeheartedly in this movement! I have donated a small(ish) sum of money to the cause prior and I am an avid reader of activities in this movement. We can do this!!!!!

  48. Nina says

    I didn’t donate due to low funds but I am vehemently opposed to GMOs. We didn’t even eat corn this summer because of it. Frankly, just labeling food with GMO is not going to cut it. Because corn cross-pollinates and so there is no way of knowing if the field next to the one NOT labeled was GMO…there are way too many health concerns for people, the ground, and the water for GMOs to outweigh ANY benefit.

  49. Cathy says

    Labelling GMOs is only the beginning of making our current food system healthier and more honest. I strongly support labelling GMOs!

  50. Jessica d says

    I support prop 37 and feel that if gmos were labled more people would chose the non gmo brands helping all the small/organic farmers/producers out there

  51. Cathy M says

    I wholeheartedly support proposition 37. Label reading is exhausting and even cryptic sometimes but I want all the information about what I am buying especailly if it includes somethng as lethal as GMO’s.

  52. says

    I strongly support the labeling of GMO’s! The idea that we have to fight for something as commonsense as this is disparaging. If corporations have nothing to hide – in regards to the quality of their product (as they propose), then they have no reason to argue against our desires to have their products labeled properly. Keeps consumers informed not ignorant!

  53. Cynthia says

    Everything in America is labeled – so why shouldn’t GMO’s be required to be noted on the labels? The only reason I can think of is that big GMO business would lose their tails as America stopped buying and eating it. The only way it is getting in everything now is because most consumers aren’t aware of exactly how much GMO’s have infiltrated the food system in America. We have a right to know what is in our food! I can hardly wait until this passes and spreads to other states in the United States.

  54. says

    I have not donated do to being broke and out of work 2 years on medical issues. I did watch the genetic roulette movie 3 weeks ago and have done a TOTAL turn around in the foods I now buy. All organic, non gmo and fresh from the farm 4 houses away! Thank you for what you are doing. I had no idea, and am counting on making myself healthier, as no doctor has done it for me.

  55. Michelle says

    We have the RIGHT to know what is in our food, I support GMO labeling! People say food prices will go up with Prop 37 but think about it. You will actually be saving money in the long run by less doctor and hospital visits with random deseases and health problems caused by pesticides and poisons used to grow GMO produce. It’s time for AMERICA to wake up and Fight for what is Right. We have the RIGHT TO KNOW!

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