Win a Weekend for Two to Virginia ($1174)

This September, the Farm-to-consumer Legal Defense Fund will host a weekend of farm tours, workshops and farm-fresh real food at its annual fundraiser in Virginia.  The event will kick off with a day at Polyface Farms, followed by a screening of the film American Meat and a cook off of pasture-raised pork by some of the movements most prominent paleo chefs.  The next day will feature breakfast, morning workshops by bestselling author Robb Wolf, followed by lunch.  Later that day, I’ll host two workshops covering fermentation and nose-to-tail eating.  Sarah Pope, Sally Fallon Morell, Robb Wolf and more of your favorite leaders within the movement will be there.

You can learn more about the event here, or register here.

Win a Weekend for Two!

Filmmaker Kristin Canty of Farmageddon is generously giving away a weekend for two for the event to support the Farm-to-consumer Legal Defense Fund.  You can win full registration to the event, plus two nights’ lodging at the Stonewall Jackson, the hosting hotel.  The package is valued at $1,174, and you can enter below.

How to Enter

You can enter by simply answering the question, “Who’s Your Farmer?” and gain additional entries by spreading the word about the event through social media, or by joining the Farm-to-consumer Legal Defense Fund.
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Ready to Attend? Here’s How to Register

If you’re ready to support the fund and enjoy a spectacular weekend of farm tours, film screenings, workshops and farm-fresh real food?  You can check out the details of individual events here and register online.  You can choose to participate in individual events for as little as $17, or celebrate with the full weekend for $395!  Check it out here.

About this Giveaway

This giveaway is hosted by the Farm-to-consumer Legal Defense fund thanks to a generous donation by Kristin Canty.  I have shared it on as a courtesy to the fund, and it is not exclusive to Nourished Kitchen.  Please read the full terms and conditions linked above.  The winner will be announced by the Farm-to-consumer Legal Defense Fund.

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What people are saying

  1. shay bocks says

    What an opportinity! I get my favorite produce from cullipher farm and my meat from broken arrow farm. :)

  2. says

    I get my food from all the lovely farmers at High Plains Food Coop, which operates in Kansas and Colorado. Super excited to see if I can get a trip to Virginia, I want to try the cheese!

  3. says

    I get my food from various farms, and I don’t know all the names, since I buy most of my produce from the wonderful Corners of the Mouth food co-op in Mendocino village, and they buy from local farms. But I also buy beef and pork from Magruder Ranch, here in Mendocino County, and we buy pork and honey from Lovers Lane Farm here in Mendocino County. We have also bought meat from John Ford Ranch, also Mendo, via the Fort Bragg Farmers Market. We buy produce from Noyo Food Forest at the FBFM, f rom Skye Hoyt at FBFM, and from other farms via the FBFM. We buy local Pacific Pastures beef at our local grocer, Harvest Market, and we love how they feature a lot of local produce and we buy that. We also raise our own chickens, which supply all our eggs as well as contributing to the stock pot. We buy locally caught salmon, and my partner is going out fishing this week for more salmon and bottom fish. We have also harvested salt locally, though most of our salt is from the San Francisco Salt Company, which is pretty local. Alas, my garden hasn’t gotten started this year, but I’m hoping to get a fall garden in, as kale and cole vegetables do really well here.

  4. Karen Smith says

    I belong to a bulk buying group that contacts organic farmers in our state to deliver their produce to one drop site where we meet and divide it up. I have the choice of many pasture raised meat farmers within a couple of hours of my home.

  5. Kim Moen says

    I get my milk from Dungeness farm in Washington, my eggs from a woman who keeps hens near our home, and, since I am still new and learning bit by bit how to eat more naturally, I am still looking for sources for my beef, pork and chicken. I would love to win a trip to attend this amazing event.

  6. Julie says

    We get our eggs, dairy, cheese and our chicken from My Dad and me farms. And we joined a meat CSA through Riverview Farms this year and are loving it!

  7. Jessica K says

    I purchase locally grown food from a variety of CT farms through an amazing company called CT Farm Fresh Express. They take our orders, travel to the farms for pick-up and then deliver to customers. Raw milk, pastured meat, eggs, honey etc! We are so blessed to have this service as the farms are not located within convent distance for a mom to travel to with two little kidos.

  8. says

    Fantastic giveaway! I wanted to go to this so badly this year, but it’s just not in our budget! It would be amazing if we won.

  9. Diana Lee says

    My journey began in 1970. We formed a co-op in Durango CO. We’d get fresh produce in , boxed it an distribute them. I bought my juicer through them an Still Use It! We now have a full size market and Deli! I also eat at local restaurants that buy from many of our local farmers and Rancher such as James Ranch an Linda’s Local. I pick fruit at Hermosa Fruit Farm, currently I am picking Apricots.
    Best Regards
    Bee Goodness!

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