Vintage Traditions Balm Giveaway

Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth.  Skin, as the largest organ, absorbs anything you slather on it – and that includes chemicals (even naturally derived) that lurk in your skin care products which is why, at home, I use only natural bodycare methods – and mostly real food ingredients to nourish my skin.  (Check out the reader Q and A on this.)

So while I do my best to nourish my family from the inside out with healthy fats, bone broth, fermented foods and plenty of cod liver oil, I also make sure to use simple balms, butters and other personal care products made out of ingredients so natural you could eat them.

about vintage traditions

Recently, I came across Vintage Traditions – a little company producing artisanal body balms in the heart of Colorado, using Colorado-raised grass-fed beef tallow as the base for the balms.  Tallow, has long been used in personal care products like soaps and balms, but it (like most healthy fats) fell out favor in the last hundred years as cheap vegetable oils and chemicals took over not only the food industry, but the personal care industry too.

Their balm – a combination of rendered tallow and essential oils – is thick and deeply hydrating.  I’ve been using it regularly on my feet, hands and elbows which have a tendency to become super-dry in the the arid, high-alpine climate in which I live.  I imagine it’s emollient qualities would make it a superb balm for eczema, diaper rash and other skin conditions afflicting small children.

what you’ll win

I’ve paired up with Vintage Traditions to offer this week’s giveaway: 3 readers will win 3 balms each!  And it’s open to Canadian readers, too!

how to enter

All you need to do is click the link below, sign up for the Vintage Traditions newsletter and come back here and tell me in the comments why you want to win!

rules and eligibility

This giveaway is open to all Nourished Kitchen readers aged 18 and over who reside in Canada or the US (except where prohibited by law). The giveaway is open through Wednesday, 9/19/2012 at noon and the winner will be announced via email to those who entered on 9/21.

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What people are saying

  1. Patrice says

    I got tired of spending huge amounts of money on lotions and creams and switched to natural oils such as almond oil. The results have been great and a whole lot less money. I would love try other natural stuff on my skin. I hope I win! I live in Florida where we have the sun drying out our skin!


  2. Jael says

    I have never tried lotion with tallow in it. I actually have some tallow in the freezer that in the past I have rendered for cooking and would love see how it could be used in a lotion.

  3. jen says

    I just signed up for the newsletter and I would love to win the balms! I have been struggling with an eczema-type rash on my hands for over a year; I’ve found out I have several food and chemical allergies and it is SO hard for me to find natural soothing products that work for me. I would love to try these balms!

  4. Kristin says

    This sounds wonderful! I signed up for their newsletter. I am looking to slowly but surely work on the body care products for my family. Its been harder for me than our food! Thank you for showing us this company.

  5. Erin Coffey says

    My skin takes the winter pretty hard and since I have no idea what to do I just don’t do anything. It would be a wonderful opportunity to get some balm to help keep it happy during the cold drying months.

  6. Susan says

    Yeah! All signed up. I’ve been in the process for about 6 months now of switching all the chemical-y things in our lives with all natural, healthy items and making as much as I can myself … time, however, seems never to be on my side (there’s only so much I can make myself before I completely run out of time). Given how much slathering I do during our chilly Maine winters for my uber dry hands, elbows and feet, this would be a tremendous treat for my skin! Thank you for such a wonderful give-away!!

  7. Cheryl says

    I actually rendered some tallow last night from
    grass-fed pasture raised beef. I did this for use as a skin moisturizer. I’ve read that you can absorb some of the beneficial fat soluble vitamins (D, E, B, K) by using the tallow on your skin. Interesting that you make this post today, after I just rendered my tallow last night!

  8. Kim L. says

    I have been unsuccessful in treating my extremely dry elbows….I would love the opportunity to try this balm for FREE!!

  9. Candace says

    Signed up for the newsletter! My skin gets very dry in the winter and I try to only use natural products. I would love to try something tallow-based.

  10. Rachael says

    I want to win because I have a toddler girl who has very sensitive, prone-to-dryness skin. I want to keep her skin nourished and comfortable throughout the winter without smearing on chemicals and fake junk!

  11. Ouida Lampert says

    I had already signed up for the newsletter because I have been interested in Vintage Traditions for a bit. I haven’t ordered anything yet (poor seminary student at the moment), so it would be lovely to win. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  12. Helen says

    I am on a journey for myself and my family to only eat real food, mostly what I grow myself or know where it comes from. It only makes sense to do the same with my skin. This product certainly has my attention and I would love to try it.

    • Eleanor says

      Ugh. Ok, as I was saying, I try EVERYTHING to tame my psoriasis and will probably buy these balms even if I don’t win. Thanks for this awesome contest!

  13. Emi says

    I would love to win this. Since having melanoma (and now being in the clear for 1the year) I have become very serious about what I put in my &I my kid’s skin. We love coconut oil, but since the cooler weather has hit, I’ve been on the lookout for something that is a bit more heavy duty. I

  14. Carole says

    The idea that a person shouldn’t put anything on the skin that can’t be safely put in the mouth occurred to me many years ago while slathering on some very fragrant body crème purchased at a popular mall bath & body shop. The idea that the rise in serious diseases particular to females could in any way be related was a profound ah-ha moment for me. Whether a true connection or not, I made the decision to use more natural products, in and outside my body. I’m 56, healthy & with enviable skin. I’m always up for trying new things and would love to win the balm. BTW: Thanks for your site! I especially love the fermentation info.

  15. Alexandra Kananis says

    This looks and sounds amazing! My dry hands n cracked heels would be unbelievably thankful! Thanjs fir all your information and recommendations :-)

  16. Stephanie Christian says

    I would love to try this product! I have been switching to all natural products and making what I am able to
    I have never heard of using tallow on your skin! That sounds very interesting!

  17. says

    Ah! I didn’t explain why I wanted to win – sorry about that. My husband and I are in the process of preparing to get pregnant. As such, we are cleansing our home of all chemically-laden products. My hope is to one day have only natural products in our home to meet all of our cleaning and moisturizing needs. This would provide us a great opportunity to give Vintage Traditions a try!

  18. Pak says

    I would love to win these and try them on my daughter’s eczema and psoriasis due to her autoimmune disease. Living in Wisconsin does a number on normal skin…

  19. Niv says

    I’ve struggled with severe eczema for years now, and I would really appreciate the chance to try the tallow. Every day, I carry around a little container holding a mixture of sesame, olive and coconut oils and apply this concoction to my eczema patches every few hours…but it gets to be rather messy and smelly…and I can only wear bummy clothes. Anyway, all this has taught me to acknowledge the smallest of blessings, and even if I don’t “win” this giveaway, I’m grateful to God for the gift of life! Thanks for reading this!

  20. sharon says

    We have a young girl staying with us who has developed very dry skin. Have’nt yet found a product that will take care of it. maybe this will be her answer.

  21. heather o says

    I have been moving more and more towards an all natural skin care regimen. have been seeing tallow balms fo sale and have been curious to try them out.

  22. Lisa Wright says

    I’m attempting to be more careful of the chemicals i surround my self with and while adore coconut oil as a moisturizer my sheets cant handle the oil. I’m also not prepared to make my own lotion just yet.

  23. Olivia says

    I signed up for their newsletter. I would really love to win this because I love the tallow aspect of it and I could really use something good like this for the dryness above my eyes and the backs of my arms. Thank you for the chance to win!

  24. Mandy Anderson says

    I am subscribed and have been wanting to try this product! I am confused, however, because you say that three winners will get three each and then the next paragraph says they will win one each.

  25. Rachel R says

    I would like to win this lotion for my husband. Two years ago, he got 2nd degree burns over both shoulders from staying out in the Arizona sun too long. Since then, the skin on his shoulders has never been the same. I’m trying to take extra care to make sure no there are no chemicals, and only the best, most gentle natural ingredients in the lotions that he uses on his skin. :-)

  26. says

    I’m a subscriber! I would love to try these– I use a lot of natural moisturizers, like coconut oil and shea butter, but I would LOVE to try tallow, it totally makes sense that it would be the most compatible oil for human skin, as well…

  27. Monique says

    I am recovering from a serious work injury where I have had nerve damage and now repair and I have not been able to apply anything that is not fully organic on or in my body since. I would love to try your product and I would definitely all of my friends all about it :) I know they would love it also … Thanks for considering me… good luck to all of us may we all get to purchase it if we dont win.

  28. Nicole says

    I would LOVE to win this balm and be able to try it on myself, my son, and my daughter! We all suffer from some skin irritations/problems throughout the different seasons, but especially in our very dry winter that is coming up! I love that this is all natural and good for you!

  29. deb weaver says

    The older I get, the more convicted I am to go back to the source. Finding products to eat or use that are closer to the source is very important to me. Thank you for this link.

  30. Kristine Da Prato says

    My husband has really bad eczema that is starting to crack and I think this balm might be the perfect thing for his extremely dry fingers.

  31. says

    I’d love to win! I just signed up for the newsletter. My husband and I are working on taking baby steps towards a greener lifestyle, starting with our diet and beauty regime so this is PERFECT!

  32. says

    I would LOVE to get my hands on this stuff – most notably because, even though I render my own lard and have *on occasion* used it as a cream, I end up smelling like bacon. In the next few months my belly will be burgeoning with a new baby, the first one, and it would be the most amazing thing to smell NICE and have the best product available to keep my skin supple and stretch mark-free!

  33. Elizabeth D. says

    I have very dry skin, have been using coconut oil but don’t always like how it feels, so this would be an awesome win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Jaime says

    I’m a VT subscriber and I’ve been dying to try their balm ever since I read about it on mommypatamus! Maybe it will nourish my postpartum belly back into having better skin elasticity!?

  35. Rachel says

    I just subscribed to the newsletter. I’ve really struggled with dry, chapped hands since I moved to a cold, dry climate, and finding something to ease the dryness without using so many chemicals has been tricky!

  36. judysunshine says

    I live in an area where tallow is not readily available, though I’ve recently learned about it through your blog and am very interested in seeing if it will get me through the dry winter months!

  37. Kari says

    This stuff looks wonderful! I have eczema and psoriasis on my hands and arms and have been trying to find the most natural things to sooth my cracked hands!

  38. Jen Moore says

    I am a nursing mom and looking for more natural products for myself and my kids. Would absolutely love to try this balm because my son struggles with eczema and we live in the dry state of Colorado :)

  39. jennifer says

    I would like to try this with my boys. As the colder weather comes they both get chapped faces and most lotions sting or irritate their skin. Thanks.

  40. Robin says

    Every year I try to change some habit so my family can be easier on the earth and our bodies. One year, it was making sure I brought reusable bags to the grocery store and last year it was switching out my chemical cleaners. This year is about using more natural beauty and personal care products so this balm would be right up my alley!

  41. Ashley says

    Winter is coming. The cold chaps my fair skin. The woodstove seems to dry out everything, inside and out. Id love to slather up with some tallow. What a beautifull idea.

  42. Anna says

    I would love to win because I’m new this way of eating/living and trying to immerse myself and family. This week I will be purchasing and beginning your course in how to ferment anything and am very excited! I dOnt have much experience with tallow and would love to try it in a lotion. Thank you!

  43. Kari says

    Subscribed! This sounds great. I seem to be allergic or sensitive to commercial moisturizers. So glad to see one that is safe to use with none of my allergens! Thanks :)

  44. Kallie says

    Subscribed to the newsletter. Trying to go all whole foods along with already being gluten and soy free.
    This sounds like a terrific product!

  45. Jenny says

    I am phasing out all of the products I use that are processed, chemical laden and replacing them with skin friendly, natural products. These would be prefect for my husband’s dry skin.

  46. Dana says

    I would love to try this balm. I have tried everything for my itchy dried, cracked, bleeding skin and nothing has worked yet. I am desperate!

  47. says

    I’ve been wanting to try their balm for awhile…the idea of tallow as a balm sounds incredibly moisturizing. And the fact that it’s so simple and natural and only scented with essential oils is exciting!

  48. says

    I’ve beer heard of this!! My son reacts to coconut oil so we HAVE to try this!! This is the first natural lotion I’ve seen without a nut product. I can’t tell you how excited I am!!

  49. Leah says

    I have seen such a difference in my skin since I started using only natural products. Always on the lookout for another to add to my collection and love love LOVE home made products!!

  50. says

    I signed up! I am trying to move to more natural products. I didn’t even know that there are products made from beef tallow. Wow, I’d love to win!

  51. Ann says

    I love natural products. They work so much better! I also love finding new companies to support and try out their products.

  52. Laura Sadowsky says

    Great giveaway – I’ve been wanting to try out their stuff for awhile! Over the past year, I have discovered that I can’t use any typical beauty products any longer. But sometimes plain olive oil and coconut oil just don’t do the job when it comes to keeping my skin moisturized, so I’ve been looking into tallow-based products for a little while.

  53. Jess says

    Natural products are great, but I also like the added bonus of supporting another small, privately-owned business. A chance to try their products for free would be amazing!

  54. Alisha B says

    I want the best for my family & use coconut oil now for our lotion but would live to try something new. Thanks for showing us all these great products out there.

  55. Kristina M. says

    I signed up for the newsletter. Why I want to win: So I can have soft, kissable lips! Nobody likes to kiss lips that are covered in goop and petroleum byproducts!

    • Kristina M. says

      Edited to add: So I have soft, kissable SKIN! Nobody likes to kiss skin that is covered in goop and petroleum byproducts!

  56. Vivian L. says

    I’ve been using more and more essential oils lately for minor ailments and I’ve been amazing at how well they work applied topically. It’s really made me stop and reconsider all the stuff that I’ve been using on my skin and how it’s affecting our bodies. We’re not just putting it on the outside, we’re actually absorbing it internally. Scary thought. So I’ve switched to homemade soaps, going no poo and being careful about what I put on my skin. This stuff is right up my alley. I’ve heard great things about tallow for your skin but I’ve been too scared to try it at home. This would be perfect.

  57. Stephanie W. says

    I just signed up and would love to win (of course!). I just started using grass-fed beef tallow as part of the GAPS diet, so this balm is very interesting to me!

  58. Sheri Stear says

    I want to start using more natural products and I need to start somewhere! The only thing I’ve used so far is coconut oil.

  59. Salome says

    I am currently 36 weeks pregnant (!) and I would love this to nourish me and my newborn’s skin, would be great for diaper rash, for sure! Not to mention my skin needs some extra help cause we’re up in the dry climate of Montana. Much love!

  60. Susan H. says

    I’m already subscribed to their newsletter. Thanks for this opportunity to win! I am a newly pregnant woman, and since becoming pregnant have become even more concerned about the things I put IN and ON my body. This sounds like an amazing product! I hope I win!

  61. Deena Royalty says

    I would love to have a little treat that makes me feel good AND look great! Thank you for your work in giving us products, reviews, recipes and tips to use what is around us to keep us going! Blessings to you!

  62. Heidi says

    I’m already signed up for the newsletter, but have yet to try the products! Am always looking for a good moisturizer for my hands in the winter to prevent my fingertips from cracking.

  63. Meredith Thomas says

    Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth? I need to make some changes! I’ve been slowly but surely making better choices for my family, but haven’t gotten as far as cosmetics yet. This would help me on my journey!

  64. Robin says

    I would love to try this balm. My feet get so dry they crack and bleed during the winter months. I really have to work to keep my feet from getting so sore I can barely walk. This sounds like a good solution for my problem.

  65. Larissa says

    In always looking for new, real products to help calm my eczema. I’ve yet to find many products that stand up against pure coconut oil but keep looking for something that has the same healing properties but better texture. Love to try it…

  66. Fajr says

    I love natural body care and for the most part I am a DIY girl. As a homeschooling mom of a 7, 2, and 10 month old I don’t always have time to do as much DIYing as I would like. The simple ingredients sound fabulous and nourishing. I would love to try it especially with how dry it has been where I live.

  67. Lindsey says

    I am still on the hunt for a balm or lotion that will help my heels and elbows. Nothing doesa very good job so far.

    Thanks for the chance to try these products free, through this contest.

  68. mary beth page ( pendragon) says

    I have been making some balms, creams and natural herbal remidies. I have not used tallow in any these products. I would love to try these… I live in Vermont and the cold drying temperatures will be starting sooner than I would like to see. Your posts have given me so much info and inspiration to try so many new things in my search for a more natural way of life. This is a total change of lifestyle for someone who has been a nurse for 38 years and really bought into big pharma and big name retail propaganda train for a very long time.

  69. Jeanne says

    Through Nourished Kitchen I’ve learned traditions of old, to keep my family healthy and whole.
    I was glad to find I had a chance to win, some nourishing tallow to put on my skin.
    So to Vintage Traditions blog I clicked, and signed up for their newsletter quick.
    Now I eagerly await the time to find, if the nourishing balm will soon be mine.

  70. Pamela Bartual says

    With winter in coming around soon, I would love to win the Vintage Traditions balms. My hands and lips take a heavy toll in the winter and i feel that no sooner that i start to use the commercial lotions, my skin gets even worse, so I’m ready to try something more natural.

  71. Carrie Roberts says

    I’ve been eyeing this balm for the past few weeks, contemplating of buying some. My 20 month old has eczema, and it is still lingering on since we’ve eliminated dairy and soy. I’ve seen a few positive comments about this balm in regards to eczema, so . . . I wanna give it a go. (Also, since moving to Canada, my feet have been horribly dry and nothing that I do can seem to “fix” it. Maybe this would??)

  72. Vashni Seitzer says

    I’d love to try this on my deeply cracked heels and hands. Nothing “vegetarian” has worked…coconut oil and other nut butters. I would like see if this would help heal skin.

  73. Julie Martin says

    Would love this for my kiddos with sensitive skin and previous eczema outbreaks (before sour switch to raw dairy).
    Thanks for offering this giveaway! :)

  74. Amy says

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! I have dry skin and adult acne and would love to try this balm. I have been coming to your website to help improve my health as I’m switching to a traditional diet. I love all the information that you share. :)

  75. Rhonda says

    I would like to win because, if and when my eczema flares up again, I’d like to see if using tallow on it would help to disappear it, and to combat winter dry skin.

  76. says

    Signed up! I switched to using argan and coconut oil on my face about two years ago and my acne has never been better. I wonder how this will do around the eyes? Been intrigued for awhile!

  77. Teri says

    I love Healthy Natural Products. To nourish yourself inside and outside is the only way to go. And as this is a small independent store I love it even more!!! I have signed up for their newsletter and am hoping I am picked to receive their Balms!

  78. says

    I use either olive or coconut oil to soften my skin (I have psoriasis) and something free like this would really help save money! And who knows, maybe tallow will work better!

  79. jess says

    I am struggling to find something that works on my skin. Ever since getting rid of all my chemical-laden products, I haven’t had any luck. For awhile, I used grapeseed oil. But then I read about how that was bad for you. Then I won a couple of jars of coconut oil and I used those. It worked okay on my legs if I used it twice a day, but it made my back and arms break out. Maybe tallow is the answer!

  80. Hannah B says

    I already receive the Vintage Traditions emails. I just rendered my own tallow and mixed it with a little olive oil and a couple drops essential oil, but I would really like to actually check out their product because mine seems to smell more like the tallow. I haven’t actually used their balm but I would love to try it and check out the different scents and maybe even get my husband to use it.

  81. jessica moran says

    I love the natural products and am switching over to more DIY natural products with many thing i’m doing at home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  82. Nina says

    Our skin is dry! Ive moved to more natural (i think) oils but our skin is still dry and it ruins our towels. My rough elbows and hands really need something i can put on and have make a difference.

  83. kathy says

    i thought this was a ‘recipe’ for a natural balm… but since it isn’t, i want to WIN it… and get back online to figure out how to make it myself! love all natural products & making my own! VERY HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND YOUR WEBSITE! looking forward to all the good news i’ll get from you!

  84. Deb says

    Love the story of how this company started. I studied in Mexico forty years ago. This product sounds wonderful for my highly sensitive/aging skin.

  85. Kaylyn says

    I have been trying to find a natural skin care solution that works for me that doesn’t cost a ton of money. Beef tallow seems to be a possible solution and I would loooove to try it out!

  86. Mim says

    I live in Maine and it would be fun to try something new with the colder weather in our near future. It would be nice to try something with a scent that I could actually use. Most chemical scents give me a headache.
    Thanks for including options that do not require the multiple web based options to participate. Email is the only one I have at present.

  87. Valerie says

    Just signed up for the newsletter. Nothing but lanolin works on my dry hands in winter, but it’s so sticky! Would love to find something else that works. Plus, it’s my birthday tomorrow!

  88. Jackie says

    I’d love to win the Vintage Traditions balm giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try their products as a face moisturizer and to see how it would fair in healing some old scarring. Getting to try 3 of their products would be amazing!

  89. Loren R says

    I think my wife would really, really like this. Products like these are more than worth it because it won’t leave harmful chemicals in the skin. We are very conscious how common products are replete with strange ingredients and are making efforts to revamp everything in our household that is somehow absorbed into the body.

  90. donna thompson says

    i suppose that i would like to win because i am new to all of this and am trying to make a huge change in my lifestyle i have never considered using tallow as a base for balms. I have allergy issues with my hands contact dermatitis the doc says so i am trying to do more for my health.

  91. says

    I’m an artist working all day with clay and plaster, two extremely drying substances. This may sound gross, and I apologize, but my skin get so dry that I can usually sand my greenware (unfired ceramics) with my rough, flaky fingertips. Thanks for the chance!

  92. says

    I worked with indigenous peoples and their traditional way of curing many diseases including skin problems. It has proven to me how traditional knowledge is equally valid to modern science, infact modern science should respect what people have learned from thousands of years of coexisting with ecosystems.
    Coming back to the western world i have not yet come across products that are equally natural and produced according to honest, traditional knowledge about the benefits of nature’s gift. These products indeed seem to be something unique and unadulterated, i’d love to try them!

  93. Stephanie Milby says

    I have had dry feet for probably twenty years. I would love to try something that is good for you and that actually works!

  94. Annie says

    I am battling precancer/dysplasia and in a last attempt to avoid surgery (and get my own body to fight it off), I’ve been revamping my diet and trying to boost my immune system. A few weeks ago I realized (and I felt a bit stupid that it came so late) that what I put on my skin is just as important as what I put in my body.

  95. christine elsdon says

    I’m thrilled to have found your website, through Delicious Obsessions. I have a few spots of eczema on my shins that i’m hoping clean, paleo eating will eliminate soon. I’ve so far been using organic coconut oil, have tried pure shea butter, cocoa butter, and calendula and it is still there.
    reading some of the testaments of people using your balm, this might be what helps clear it once and for all.

  96. Sylvia says

    Hello, I would like to win because I have just started my “real foods” change. It started with my holistic doctor who does nutritional response testing. I have been eating/cooking real for about two months now, with huge rebellion from the men in my family, lol, but I currently don’t have anything to use on my skin. I have always been natural (soap and water) but well, I am aging, lol. I love your site, thank you so much for all the information.. Sylvia

  97. GardenFresh says

    Would love to try lotion with tallow – thanks for the giveaway! I actually just tried making a balm of organic coconut oil infused with calendula for some patches of eczema on my skin, but it feels like it’s been getting worse since I started using it. So I’m on the hunt for something else!

  98. Anna says

    I would love this because I have just been reading about all the amazing things that can be done with tallow. This product sounds amazing and would help me switch out from store bought lotions and creams. Thank you.

  99. Sue says

    I would love to win these balms! I always try to support small businesses and I love trying new products for myself and my family1

  100. Charity says

    Would love to try these balms! I have been educating myself about a real, whole foods approach to eating & living. I am slowly beginning my journey, but I have recognized the need for a change in my skincare regimen early on. I have used straight coconut oil as a moisterizer for almost a year & I felt so liberated to be able to throw out the lotions!

  101. Shakeena says

    I would love to try this balm because I have yet to find a natural lotion-type product that I like, that works! I would love to try this balm!

  102. Julia says

    It has been almost a year that I stumbled on WAPF website. And since then I have begun the process of eliminating the junk in our diet and trying to detoxify our environment. I’m on a very limited budget and would love to win this! I would put it to very good use. Pick me! Pick me!

  103. Melissa says

    Love your site and thanks for the generous giveaway opportunity. This is a wonderfully clever use for tallow. I would use this on winter-punished hands for sure. Hope I win! Many thanks.

  104. Kim Bakker says

    This would be an amazing gift. Last week I rendered beef tallow and what I was left with was an amazing silky oil. I cook with it and also I made some candles with it. It burned wonderfully and it held up soooo long. In two weeks I will be getting a quarter of a cow ( grass fed of course) and along with it the “leaf fat” which is the fat surrounding the kidneys. There are 6 cows in total that are being butchered and no one else is interested in the organ meats and the suet. I had no idea that you could make balm from it. I will forward your website to some of my friends and family that struggle with dry skin -especially cracks heals. This is a very timely contest for me. Hope I win!!!!!

  105. Cara Sommerlot says

    This sounds like the perfect thing to finish out a pregnancy with. I’ve been contemplating what I have been slathering on my ever stretching belly. It would be encouraging to know that I have something healthy and nourishing for me and my little one.

  106. Tanya says

    I would love this balm because I have just recently changed all my skin care products to natural products, and have yet to find a good body balm that I like and that isn’t greasy, and that has good ingredients!

  107. Lynda says

    Would love to try this product. I have rendered lard in my freezer from a pastured pig that I bought recently, and have been thinking about making something with that too!!

  108. Erin says

    Hi! I would love to win because I am almost out of my homemade beeswax salve and it is almost winter so I can’t steal any beeswax from my bees to make more!

  109. Kim says

    I’ve jumped wholeheartedly into the traditional foods way of eating, but have yet to address changing my skin care products. It would be great to try Vintage Traditions for a natural alternative. I have signed up for their newsletter.

  110. Rosetta Troyer says

    I have very sensitive skin, and have tried many lotions that claim to be natural. Would love to make my own, but time is an issue there, so I’d love to try this. The ingredient list looks great!

  111. says

    I’m always telling my 10 year old to take care of his skin because it’s the largest organ of the human body. He has severe allergies including allergic eczema. The products on the market can be very harsh and scary when you read the ingredients. I’m always looking to introduce healthy alternatives to our family as I become more aware and conscious of the crap we’ve been inundated with on a daily basis. Including in our food, toothpastes, lotions, and hair care products.

  112. Dayna says

    I am new to the Nourished Kitchen website and I love the wealth of not only good information but also beautiful photos! As a cancer pacient my skin is dry and very sensitive and I would l to see how it would react to a completely natural lotion. Plus it would be really fun to win something right now…lol

  113. Sherri says

    I have recently been diagnosed with Lichen Planus. This is one of those diseases that impacts 2% of the population, yet few have heard about. Leading thoughts are that it is an auto-immune diesease. Bottom line, I look and feel like I have a permanent case of the chicken pox. My options seem to be do nothing or use strong topical steroids. I have tried numerous lotions which make the itching worse. I am really hoping that this product helps me to deal with this life challenge. Whether I win the free product or not, I have gone ahead and puchased it. Can’t wait.

  114. Heather says

    I would love to win the balm! I’ve been dealing with some health issues which has led me to be exploring more natural and traditional foods and other products. I’m hoping to get healthy again and lead and show my daughter a much healthier lifestyle!

  115. Jane says

    Recently had been experiencing more than usual skin trouble on my.face. I have been diligently researching possible causes for it including diet, which led me to nourishing traditions, and also chemically based skin care products. I have switched face wash been haven’t found a good cream yet and would love to give this product a try.

  116. Evin says

    Hi! I just signed up for the newsletter, and I can’t believe I haven’t already! I love vintage traditions, and it’s helped a lot with my acne attack after ditching several medications. I’m also a huge fan of your blog, and I’ve been making perpetual soup and beet kvass for several months because of it! I am a struggling grad student, and I could really use a free pot of tallow to get me through the dry winter in the mountains. Thanks for all the great advice/recipes!

  117. Jordan says

    I’ve been using coconut or olive oil as a moisturizer for a few years – then today I stumbled upon a blog where the writer mentioned using lard on her skin… then hours later I ended up on your blog! This would be fantastic to try. I’m gearing up research wise to make the switch from a grainy-veg diet to a more nourishing traditional style for my 3 year old and self.

  118. Ceej P says

    I haven’t used store bought creams or lotions in almost 2 years but I feel like coconut oil isn’t moisturizing as well as I’d hoped it would.

  119. Kiri says

    My daughter has eczema so we are always in need of lotions, balms, etc…and I prefer if they are natural. I am the one who is having trouble breaking the habit of the 100+ ingredient cosmetics and creams, maybe this will be a good jump start.

  120. Beatrice says

    I would love to try a tallow-based balm. I normally use olive-oil based balms. I wonder if it would have better absorption. I use it for eczema for me and my daughter. Thanks for your consideration.

  121. says

    I’d SOOOOOO love to get my hands on some of that. I am a Nutritional Therapist and I am well aware of just how important what you put on your skin can be. Back in April I started experimenting with different oils for my skin. I have used coconut, apricot, sesame and jajoba. I have really enjoyed them all for different reasons but I am in the process of trying to narrow down a possible allergy to one (or more). In the meantime I am a little unsure of what exactly to use. I live in a location where I do not have immediate access to all those great products out there like I used to when I lived in Portland. So winning this would be awesome. Ok that was long winded! Sorry.

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