Vietnamese-Style Beef Stew (Bo Kho)

It’s stewing season. And while I love a good, simple, Julia-Child-style stew, I also like to get a bit complex. A bit spicy and fragrant. Bo kho hits all of those and then some. While it’s said to have French origins, this beef stew is in a league all of its own. Full of gelatin-rich beef… 

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Devon Cow (1 of 1)

Why Grass-fed Dairy Matters (and a visit to three English farms)

Nestled in the vivid green undulating hills of southwest England, thrive several small family dairies.  Dairies that, for generations, have kept their animals outside, on fresh pasture.  These small farmers have come together through their cooperative, to offer a beautiful organic cheddar that has just recently been made available in the US.  Last autumn, they invited… 

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Chai Butter Tea Vertical (2 of 3)

Chai Spiced Butter Tea

I’ve never been one for breakfast.  My stomach doesn’t really wake up until mid-morning.  Sure, I try to take the time to make a hot breakfast for my little boy before he heads off to school, whether that’s fried eggs and fresh tomatoes, or homemade oatmeal.  For the most part, I sip something first thing in… 

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Vital Protiens

The Skinny on Gelatin (and a giveaway with 20 winners)

Gelatin, an old-fashioned, treat is enjoying a bit of a heyday right now, popularized by both the paleo diet and rising interest in the traditional foods movement.  Interest in bone broth, which is naturally rich in gelatin, has skyrocketed in the last year, and, likewise, so has gelatin. Gelatin is rich in proteins that support skin, hair,… 

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Real Food on the Road (A Survival Guide)

This weekend, as I stared beyond the dashboard and toward the flat, open road, I realized that my family has spent 113 days traveling this year.  Strung together, that’s a little over 3 1/2 months.  (Yes, I’m exhausted – we all are.)  Business trips, speaking engagements, conferences and farm tours comprise the bulk of that… 

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Why I’m a Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation

For my family, our focus on foods extends beyond the meals I cook at home and beyond the support of local and regional farmers, to supporting a broader movement.  For the past several years, my family has belonged to the Weston A Price Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to restoring the place of nutrient-dense, traditional foods… 

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Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 3.23.51 PM

My Favorite Whole Foods Cookbooks from 2014

Every week a new pile of cookbooks arrives on my doorstep, sent to me from publishers or their authors for me to review.  And there’s very many that don’t resonate for me, others I like very much, and still others yet that I fall in love with.  So I’ve sorted through my bookshelves to find… 

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hummus (1 of 1)

A Giveaway: Palouse Brand Hummus Kit (2 winners)

I’m partnering up today with one of my favorite brands – Palouse, who produce split peas, wheat berries, as well as incredible chickpeas (I’ve talked about them before here).   I use their chickpeas to make sprouted hummus, Moroccan-style chickpea stews and a lovely chickpea mash seasoned with turmeric and ginger that I pair with… 

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