Top 12 Recipes of 2012

perpetual bone broth

January: Perpetual Bone Broth

January brought perpetual bone broth – the simplest way to prepare bone broth by keeping a slowcooker brewing away on your kitchen counter, dipping in and out of it daily.  Get the tutorial here.

February: Three-seed Porridge

The cold months always make me crave porridge, and in February I gave you Three-seed Porridge with Ginger and Blueberries – something I still make quite often.


March: Easy Homemade Yogurt

March brought my easiest homemade yogurt (and an everyday  favorite in our home): matsoni.  Click here for the tutorial.

homemade bouillon

April: Homemade Bouillon

In April, we made homemade bouillon – or portable soup – ready to store away for long road trips and one of our staples for real food on the road.   Get the recipe here.

no-knead sourdough

May: No-knead Sourdough

In March we made sourdough starter, and in May we made no-knead sourdough bread which I still make several times a week, grinding the grain fresh and sifting it to remove the bulk of the bran.  Get the recipe here.

sleepy tea

June: Sleepy Tea

In June, I shared a little bit about my parenting style and my love of ever-so-amateur herbalism with Sleepy Tea, a honeyed herb tea I serve to my son when he needs it most.

kale and white bean soup

July: Kale and White Bean Soup

In July, I reworked my Kale and White Bean Soup.  Now that it’s winter, we rely on hearty bean soups more and more.

super green veggie powder

August: Green Veggie Powder

In August, I was knee-deep in a mountain of food from our CSA and our farmers market, and I spent most of my time fermenting, drying, canning, freezing and otherwise preserving the harvest.  I shared my favorite way to preserve greens with you: Super Green Veggie Powder which we now serve stirred into scrambled eggs, soups and as a seasoning.

spiced peach butter

September: Spiced Peach Butter

In September, I was still slogging through mountains of vegetables and fruit.  The dehydrator never stopped.  The canner only rested at night, and I made lots of apple sauce and even more Spiced Peach Butter.

October: Chicken and Vegetable Turnovers

In October I made you Chicken and Vegetable Turnovers with Sourdough Crust. I’m still turnover crazy, thank you very much.  We’ve made apple plum turnovers, spiced quince turnovers and blueberry cream turnovers since then.

real cream cheese

November: Real Cream Cheese

In November, we traveled to California to visit my favorite olive oil producer, and, knowing we’d travel for several weeks, I made Real Cream Cheese out of raw milk I knew would never keep.

lentil stew

December: Lentil Stew

And just a few weeks ago, I shared my Lentil Stew with Winter Vegetables and Mustard Greens with you, and I hope you enjoy it next time soup calls to you.

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What people are saying

  1. Annie says

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes through the year. Nourished Kitchen is always the one I go to for inspired and delicious recipes, , some of which like the Lentil Stew I made again and again, and all others I’m looking forward to enjoying. A blessed 2013 to you!

  2. Jeannie Johansen says

    Wow, thank you for the recap! I remember these and, though I wanted to try them the first time, some slipped by. Thanks for the reminder. If I can just begin each of these each month my family will benefit so much. I am keeping this list and beginning with January. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. says

    Thanks for reposting these! There were quite a few that I still wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to. I’d have to agree about the baked oatmeal. I have made that several times – twice when we had guests and everyone loved it!

  4. Soni A. says

    Wow, what a great list! I’ve tried almost all of them with success! You forgot my favorite, though. That would be the sourdough black Forrest cake I made myself for my birthday. Yummmmmm!

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