water kefir grains

How to Brew Water Kefir (a quick tutorial)

Water kefir, a fermented beverage teeming with beneficial bacteria, is remarkably simple to prepare  and often more palatable than other probiotic tonics like kombucha and beet … [Read more...]

Beet Kvass

A Recipe for Beet Kvass: A Deeply Cleansing Tonic

To drink beet kvass is to taste the blood of the earth -  sweet and salty with a mineral-rich undertone that speaks of the soil itself.  Beet kvass is an acquired taste, much like … [Read more...]


Why You Should Worry about Water (and what to do about it)

We live at the tip-top of the water supply.  Most of our water is drawn straight from mountain streams and the run off of melting snow.  Our community is small, so the water isn’t … [Read more...]

My Favorite Things in December: Hot Springs, Magnesium Oil and Site Updates

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of the year already. Sometimes, I feel lost amid the rapids of life – the work, the emails, our farmers market and real food bank, the everything. … [Read more...]