crested butte farmers market

Getting the Most from your Market: 10 Tips from a Farmers Market Manager

Has your favorite market started its season?  With the cost of food climbing and interest in local foods growing, you might be wondering how to get the most from your farmers … [Read more...]


mystery veggies in your csa box? what to do with what’s in your box.

I have a confession: I have no idea what’s in my CSA box this week, and, I’m confident I’m not alone.  Sure, I can recognize the sugar snap peas and carrots, the lacinato kale with … [Read more...]

Rabbit in Riesling with Winter Vegetables & Fresh Herbs

It’s cold where I live. Very cold. Very very cold. But beautiful, too.  And here, where snow graces our mountain town nine and sometimes ten months of the year, you learn to make a … [Read more...]

10 Healthy, Nourishing School Lunches

Looking for healthy school lunch ideas? School lunch has quickly become one of the most deplorable American meals - comprised of low-cost, commodity items like CAFO-raised beef, … [Read more...]

Soaking Grains: Top 5 Reader Questions Answered

Soaking grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds is a traditional practice that can positively impact the nutritional qualities of these foods for those who consume them. Grains, … [Read more...]

Maple-glazed Root Vegetables

Maple-glazed root vegetables, slightly sweet, and a charming accompaniment to winter time suppers, satisfy and nourish. In our home we love to combine fresh, crisp and local … [Read more...]

Hara Hachi Bu: Lessons from Okinawa

Hara hachi bu - eat until you're 80% full.   It's a good lesson in moderation and self-restraint - and one of many lessons we can learn from Okinawa, that legendary island of long … [Read more...]

How to Encourage Your Children to Enjoy Fruits & Vegetables

The question comes up more than you know -  countless emails flood my inbox from mothers wondering exactly the same thing: How do I get my kids to eat vegetables? I struggle in my … [Read more...]

Sprouted Grain: Benefits, Preparation and Recipes

Sprouted grain - rich in food enzymes and natural vitamins - grows closer and closer to the mainstream as people across all walks of life search for a better way to incorporate … [Read more...]