mystery veggies in your csa box? what to do with what’s in your box.

I have a confession: I have no idea what’s in my CSA box this week, and, I’m confident I’m not alone.  Sure, I can recognize the sugar snap peas and carrots, the lacinato kale with its pebbled dark green leaves, the baby collards (which we’ll combine with cream and the last of our overwintered shallots… 

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a recipe: bbq sauce that’s hot, sweet and black as sin

Homemade barbecue sauce, sweet, hot and full of rich flavor, is one of our favorite indulgences.  One of the last opportunities for summer barbecues lurks just around the corner, and we’re preparing for labor day by planning our last big picnic of the season: grass-fed brisket with homemade barbecue sauce, fresh tomato salad, plenty of sour pickles,… 

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A Recipe: Homemade Horseradish

Homemade horseradish found its way to our table this week, and it’s hot – painfully hot, pleasurably hot, perfectly hot. When fresh horseradish root appears at market, which is rarely, I fight my way to it – elbowing into the stand before the other Weston A Price Foundation and fermentation enthusiasts in my community can… 

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Miso Glazed Bok Choy

Recipe: Miso-glazed Bok Choy

A good bok choy recipe can be difficult to find. Too often bok choy recipes disguise the leafy green vegetable in heavy sauces or combine it with other, more strongly flavored vegetables so that bok choy’s unique, if subtle, characteristics are lost in the final dish. When bok choy first becomes available, usually in the early spring but often in autumn as well, I prefer a recipe in which it is dressed simply and served on its own, without the addition of other vegetables. In this way, the cruciferous vegetable with its pale, elongated stalk and broad, verdant leaves can shine on its own – though paired with other subtle flavors which complement its sweet and slightly peppery undertones without competing against them.

Fresh Chicken Broth: Achieving a Solid Gel

A good stock is the backbone of a good kitchen; it provides flavor to your dishes as well as sustenance and nourishment for your body.   Broth features in the traditional foods of peoples across the globe.  Stock is the foundation of classical French cooking and provides critical sustenance in peasant cooking among traditional peoples everywhere. … 

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