Reader Questions: All About Grains

Confused about grains? You’re not alone!  It seems that everyone is telling you – to either get more and more whole grains or to give them up entirely.  And, at Nourished Kitchen, we receive a lot of questions about the proper preparation of whole grains.  And while about 30% of readers adhere to a grain-free… 

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A Recipe: Whole Grain Buttermilk Biscuits

Whole grain buttermilk biscuits are a rare treat in our home.  We begin most mornings with a breakfast of pastured eggs and wilted greens or homemade yogurt and soaked oatmeal porridge.  Occasionally, just occasionally, I find the time to prepare whole grain buttermilk biscuits as a special treat.  I dust the flour off Meta Given’s… 

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Cinnamon and Molasses Cookies for Santa

We’ve been hit by some serious technical bugaboos over the last week and are just starting to recovery here at Nourished Kitchen, so for all of you who’ve visited the site in the last few days, noticed odd posts in your feed readers, please excuse the mess as the dust settles – we’ll be back… 

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Molasses & Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls

There is nothing quite like a warm cinnamon roll and a hot mug of tea on a cool Saturday morning. We love them – especially my husband and my son who crave them with a passion – but we could do without the mounds of refined flour, hydrogenated fats and white sugar that plague breakfast… 

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Sprouted Grain Doughnuts: Yes, Everyone Deserves a Treat

What the hell are doughnuts doing on your site? I can hear you muttering. Don’t click off quite yet. You see; it’s National Doughnut Month and I thought we’d celebrate with a special recipe here at Nourished Kitchen: sprouted grain doughnuts with coconut-vanilla glaze.   While you might think that a healthy recipe may well… 

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Milk & Honey Sprouted Wheat Bread

Sprouted wheat bread has a bad rap: it tends to be chewy, dense and coarse unlike those lovely, light sandwich breads to which we’re usually accustomed.   This version of sprouted wheat bread is unlike the others: it’s soft, mild and pleasantly sweet.   Great for sandwiches, this sprouted wheat bread recipe is flavored by… 

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Baking with Sprouted Grain Flour

Baking with sprouted grain flour seems challenging and first glance – as though it should be relegated to the kitchens of health-minded hippies and central Asian peasants. We love sprouted grain in our home – though, I imagine, I probably fall under the health-minded hippy category. Ignore the bare feet and daisy chain for a… 

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Sprouted Grain: Benefits, Preparation and Recipes

Sprouted grain – rich in food enzymes and natural vitamins – grows closer and closer to the mainstream as people across all walks of life search for a better way to incorporate wholesome foods into their diet on a regular basis.   While sprouting grain requires extra attention and, like many aspects of traditional foods,… 

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2-style Tacos: Halibut & Beef

This soft taco recipe is easy to prepare and adaptable to fish, beef, chicken or even pork.     Serving a variety of meat is nice, coupled with a variety of toppings is nice too.   Coupling coconut oil with beef and halibut ensures plenty of good fats while the fresh vegetables and spice rub… 

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Sprouted Spelt Crepes with Cream #nourishedkitchen (1 of 1)

Sprouted Spelt Crepes

For a long time, I struggled to find a decent, whole-grain crepe recipe.   Usually, whole grain flour would cause the crepe to fall apart or to have a mealy texture unbecoming of a good crepe.   Using sprouted spelt flour as in this recipe – or even sprouted soft white wheat – eliminates those… 

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Sprouted Spelt & Maple Shortbread

This shortbread is slightly sweet–and simple to make featuring only a handful of ingredients.   Incorporating sprouted, whole grain flour helps to increase the nutritive value and the digestibility of the sweet.   As with all sweets, it’s best eaten in moderation and for special occasions only.