Fermented Hot Chile Sauce

A Recipe: Fermented Hot Chili Sauce

Fermented hot chili sauce – explosive with heat and teeming with food enzymes, beneficial bacteria, vitamin C and carotene.  Traditionally, all hot chili sauces were prepared through fermentation – and many of the world’s most renowned and well-loved sauces are still prepared through this time-honored technique of combining hot chilies with salt and allowing it… 

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Salisbury Steak Recipe

A Recipe: Salisbury Steak for Grown-ups

This is not your lunch lady’s Salisbury steak recipe. No.  Not by any means.  In this Salisbury steak recipe, we pair grass-fed beef with earthy oyster and shiitake mushrooms, fresh thyme and mineral-rich homemade beef stock. It’s a luxurious dish – rich and robust. For a woman who lives food, dreams food, revels in food… 

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apple pears sauce

Every Apple Has Its Star & a Recipe for Apple-pear Sauce

I love the fruits of autumn – pears and quince, yes, but it is the apples I love most of all.  Indeed, eighty-five pounds of pomaceous fruit lurk in stacked cardboard boxes in my living room.  They wait for me, quietly.  And as they ripen, they release their gently scent – mildly floral and slightly spicy…. 

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a recipe: bbq sauce that’s hot, sweet and black as sin

Homemade barbecue sauce, sweet, hot and full of rich flavor, is one of our favorite indulgences.  One of the last opportunities for summer barbecues lurks just around the corner, and we’re preparing for labor day by planning our last big picnic of the season: grass-fed brisket with homemade barbecue sauce, fresh tomato salad, plenty of sour pickles,… 

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A Recipe: Preserved Lemon & Mint Allioli

Allioli. Allioli. Allioli. I love how the vowels and lulling Ls roll off the tongue – softly and whimsically – almost like a child’s nonsense word. all-ee-oh-lee. It’s a melodic sound. Allioli is a Catalan version of classic aioli, and it differs fundamentally from Provençal aiolis in that it is made without egg yolk – offering just a combination of good quality olive oil, fragrant garlic and unrefined sea salt.

Recipe: Spiced Apple Sauce with Red Wine

]Spiced Apple Sauce, with its smooth texture and gentle, warm flavors, has made it to our kitchen table frequently in the last few months as we use up overwintered apples in preparation for the coming harvest.   Stewed in red wine and spices, the apples take on a lovely rosy color and a mild sweetness.  Like… 

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Miso Glazed Bok Choy

Recipe: Miso-glazed Bok Choy

A good bok choy recipe can be difficult to find. Too often bok choy recipes disguise the leafy green vegetable in heavy sauces or combine it with other, more strongly flavored vegetables so that bok choy’s unique, if subtle, characteristics are lost in the final dish. When bok choy first becomes available, usually in the early spring but often in autumn as well, I prefer a recipe in which it is dressed simply and served on its own, without the addition of other vegetables. In this way, the cruciferous vegetable with its pale, elongated stalk and broad, verdant leaves can shine on its own – though paired with other subtle flavors which complement its sweet and slightly peppery undertones without competing against them.

Classic Hollandaise Sauce

I’m trying to serve more sauces as they can truly enhance a meal.   This sauce–classic hollandaise–is one that is making it to our table more and more frequently.   Rich with butter and egg yolks, the sauce is dense with wholesome fats and micronutrients.   Make sure to use quality ingredients like eggs from… 

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Sesame-Tamari Dipping Sauce

This is a simple Asian-style dipping sauce that’s sinfully easy to prepare and deeply flavorful. Tamari is a wheat-free soy sauce that should be naturally fermented though it can be hard to find. Die-hard lacto-fermentation enthusiasts might even try their hand at making their own. Besides being tasty, sesame seeds are rich in calcium and… 

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