10 Tips for Real Food Newbies

10 tips for real food newbies

If you’re just starting out, just learning and baby-stepping away from packaged and boxed foods into a diet based on wholesome, natural traditional foods, those first few weeks (months? years?) can feel daunting at best, and completely impossible at worst.  It’s hard, especially if you were raised on Lean Cuisine, Pop Tarts and Crystal Light. … 

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Einkorn, Spelt, Wheat, Ancient Grains

Good Questions: Einkorn, Spelt, Emmer, Farro and Heirloom Wheat

In recent weeks, a glut of questions about ancient and heirloom grains and wheat have arrived in my inbox.  I hope this means that readers are beginning to re-embrace the idea of enjoying grains once again, though they still tend to be viewed as the “bad boy” of the ancestral health movement, with books like… 

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red currants for pie

Red Currant Pie with Buttered Sourdough Crust

Currant pie, sweet and tart with a hint of cinnamon, rounds out the desserts on my summertime table.  Currants offer an old-fashioned charm, and I look forward to their brief and fleeting appearance in my CSA box every summer. My son and I pluck them from their fragile stems gently so as not to bruise… 

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creamy asparagus soup

My Favorite Asparagus Soup

When spring inches its way forward, there is one recipe that I invariably prepare: asparagus soup.  It’s creamy, but light, and rich with the grassy green herbaceous flavor of asparagus and leeks. Spring comes earlier to the region around us than it comes to the mountain itself.  After a long and grey-white winter, when March… 

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes III

A Story of Recovery (and a Recipe for Grain-free Carrot Cupcakes with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting)

If you had two girls under the age of two, and your husband, a fighter pilot, was flying cover during a war in Iraq, would you be thinking about converting your diet to organic, whole foods? I wasn’t. My life had enough stress without another distraction. But, that’s what happened in 2003. Daily Migraines and… 

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A Look at Our Food Budget

The subject of money comes up a lot, especially for those real food newbies who are not quite sure how to make the transition from a standard American diet of prepackaged, convenience foods to wholesome, real foods.  The cost of grass-fed meat, raw milk, wild-caught fish and organic vegetables can really add up over time…. 

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Reader Questions: Cure Tooth Decay with Ramiel Nagel (Part I)

Do you think that tooth decay is genetic?  Or that teeth cannot be remineralized?  For this week’s Reader Question and Answer session, I chat with Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay, who answers your questions about how dental health can be optimized through solid nutrition.  We discuss tooth remineralization, traditional foods, proper preparation of… 

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reader questions on vitamin k2 and an interview with dr. kate rheaume-bleue

Are you getting enough vitamin K2? Unless you’re eating good quality butter, cheese, grass-fed meats or natto, you probably aren’t.  In this reader question and answer session, Dr. Kate Rheame-Bleue, author of Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox, joins us today to discuss the benefits of vitamin K2, where to find it and why you need it…. 

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reader questions: natural bodycare

This week our reader Q&A focuses on natural bodycare.  Why? Because what you put in your mouth is only part of the story.  Your skin is your largest organ and your body absorbs what you put on it (good or bad), so support your traditional and real foods lifestyle by choosing natural and unrefined ingredients in… 

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Nourishing Our Children: A Peek into What Builds Healthy Kids

I first happened across Nourishing Our Children – a not-for-profit educational campaign of the San Francisco Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation at the first Wise Traditions Conference I attended a few years ago.  It was clear to me then that the campaign’s founder – Sandrine Hahn, had a deep-rooted and very tender love… 

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Can we be well fed, but malnourished? The teeth tell the tale.

I am delighted that Jenny McGruther has invited me as a guest blogger for Nourished Kitchen!  My name is Sandrine Hahn and I founded and lead Nourishing Our Children, an educational initiative of the San Francisco Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation.  On the home page of our website, we pose the question, “Can… 

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