water kefir grains

How to Brew Water Kefir (a quick tutorial)

Water kefir, a fermented beverage teeming with beneficial bacteria, is remarkably simple to prepare  and often more palatable than other probiotic tonics like kombucha and beet kvass.   Similar in flavor to a dry, slightly fizzy lemonade, water kefir is pleasant and even small children can enjoy it.   When my son was littler than… 

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last-minute gifts for real foodies

I’m a last-minute shopper.  I can’t help it.  It’s part of what makes me who I am.  So if you’re like me, here’s five last-minute gifts for the real foodies in your life.  And, if I might be so bold, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself either. for the newcomer: nourishing traditions So if you’re one… 

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Reader Questions: Beef Suet, Kombucha and Budgets

I receive a lot of emails at Nourished Kitchen from readers who love cooking traditional foods, but still have questions.  You might be wondering about how long you should cook your stock, what went wrong with your homemade yogurt or how to feed your children fermented foods they’ll actually like.  Once a week, I’ll be… 

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Kombucha Tea: A Reintroduction

As a reader of this site, you’ve almost certainly heard about the fermented tea with a funny name, Kombucha. Perhaps you’ve brewed it yourself (or still do) or maybe you’ve only ever tried a store bought brand. Even if you’ve never tried it before, allow me to reintroduce you to Kombucha from the beginning and… 

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keep the bounty: week #2

It’s week #2 of the Keep the Harvest Challenge at Nourished Kitchen and we’re working our way through August by ditching our canners, and brushing up on old-world, traditional techniques for food preservation.  Our first week was all about fermentation – the magical transformation of fresh food into pickled through the function of beneficial microorganisms. If… 

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a recipe: wild mushroom butter

It’s a disquieting food, like raw milk, and it takes a certain amount of culinary fortitude to walk into the woods, scratch your way through the pine needles, the brush and slowly rotting logs to find these little treasures before returning home to cook them up for your family.  And when you tell your friends… 

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Recipe: Spiced Kombucha Vinaigrette

Kombucha vinaigrette, may seem like an unusual take on the classic combination of olive oil and balsamic or red wine vinegar, but, when complemented by the unique flavors of clove and allspice it can become a nourishing, if unique dressing for any salad. I find it pairs particularly well with the sweetness of beets, apples, pears and nuts. Reminiscent of apple cider vinegar in combination with club soda, kombucha offers a unique flavor that is growing in popularity as more and more natural foods enthusiasts learn to cherish the beverage – a sweetened tea that undergoes a unique fermentation process through the use of a mother or symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.

Real Food Challenge: Week 3 & Week 2 Re-cap

We’re half-way finished with the challenge: you’ve tackled the pantry, stocked up on wholesome food, learned to properly prepare grains and wholesome fats and even started to source good, fresh raw milk if you hadn’t already done so.  So, sit back and evaluate the week.  If you blog, share a link to your post (or… 

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