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Fermented Mixed Berries

This past weekend, I splurged and bought a few packs of berries (a special treat indeed, considering the snow still falls in the mountains) because I was so inspired by a new recipe: fermented berries.  We tend to rely on our fermented vegetables like sour pickles and hot pink jalapeno garlic kraut, as well as tonics… 

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Homemade Yogurt

Why Your Yogurt Isn’t Turning Out: Easy Fixes

Is your raw milk yogurt runny?  Does your homemade yogurt separate?  Is it foamy?  Too sour? Too liquid?  Not sour enough?  Each week through Nourished Kitchen’s facebook page, and by email, I receive several questions about troubleshooting homemade yogurt.  Here’s a list of the most common questions on making homemade yogurt, working with starter cultures… 

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water kefir grains

How to Brew Water Kefir (a quick tutorial)

Water kefir, a fermented beverage teeming with beneficial bacteria, is remarkably simple to prepare  and often more palatable than other probiotic tonics like kombucha and beet kvass.   Similar in flavor to a dry, slightly fizzy lemonade, water kefir is pleasant and even small children can enjoy it.   When my son was littler than… 

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Beet Kvass

A Recipe for Beet Kvass: A Deeply Cleansing Tonic

To drink beet kvass is to taste the blood of the earth –  sweet and salty with a mineral-rich undertone that speaks of the soil itself.  Beet kvass is an acquired taste, much like other fermented foods whose characteristic sourness can offend tame palates.  In spite of – or perhaps because of – its briny… 

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Tricolored Berry & Kefir Popsicles for July 4th

I love the Fourth of July: fireworks, parades, barbecues and apple pie contests.  I love it all, and do my best to prepare special and celebratory picnics for the day.  As Nourished Kitchen’s meal plan subscribers know, this week we’re hosting a barbecue with grass-fed beef burgers seasoned with onion and served with homemade ketchup,… 

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Brine-pickled Beets with Ginger and Orange

Fermented beets, dank and earthy and sour, number among my favorite ferments of vegetable.  While I will always love the fetid odor of a true sauerkraut, the clean and salty sharpness of Moroccan preserved lemons or the brackish must of a home-cured olive, it is fermented beets – lovingly spiced and brine-pickled – that makes… 

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28 Days of Real Food: Week #4 and Week #3 Re-cap

We’re on our last week of the challenge to eat real food for 28 days!  Are you still with me?  Are you enjoying sourdough breads and wholesome natural yogurts?  Are you celebrating wholesome, healthy fats in all their nutrient-dense glory?  Now’s the time to sit back, relax and evaluate the week. Did you miss an… 

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Real Food Challenge: Week 3 & Week 2 Re-cap

We’re half-way finished with the challenge: you’ve tackled the pantry, stocked up on wholesome food, learned to properly prepare grains and wholesome fats and even started to source good, fresh raw milk if you hadn’t already done so.  So, sit back and evaluate the week.  If you blog, share a link to your post (or… 

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Real Food Challenge: Week #2

You’ve got one week under your belts: you’ve cleaned out your pantry, learned about the proper preparation of grains, prepared a soaked flour recipe, started your sourdough, sprouted some grain and – perhaps – even attempted milling your very own flour. So it’s time to check in and let everyone know how you’re doing. Did… 

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Real Food Challenge: Week #1

It’s February 1st, and that means the 28-day Real Food Challenge is underway here at Nourished Kitchen.  Day #1’s assignment – cleaning your cupboards – has been sent out and participants should be receiving it shortly.  We’ll follow up with another assignment every day for the entire month of February with goal of  introducing the… 

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milk kefir

Milk Kefir: What It Is and How to Brew It

Milk kefir is, to put it lightly, an acquired taste.   Sour and pungent, milk kefir is a cultured dairy food originally from the Caucuses – the region where Europe meets Asia.   There it has been traditionally heralded as an elixir of long life and health.   It seems that there’s wisdom in this… 

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