10 Tips for Real Food Newbies

10 tips for real food newbies

If you’re just starting out, just learning and baby-stepping away from packaged and boxed foods into a diet based on wholesome, natural traditional foods, those first few weeks (months? years?) can feel daunting at best, and completely impossible at worst.  It’s hard, especially if you were raised on Lean Cuisine, Pop Tarts and Crystal Light. … 

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creamy asparagus soup

My Favorite Asparagus Soup

When spring inches its way forward, there is one recipe that I invariably prepare: asparagus soup.  It’s creamy, but light, and rich with the grassy green herbaceous flavor of asparagus and leeks. Spring comes earlier to the region around us than it comes to the mountain itself.  After a long and grey-white winter, when March… 

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Reader Questions: Cure Tooth Decay with Ramiel Nagel (Part I)

Do you think that tooth decay is genetic?  Or that teeth cannot be remineralized?  For this week’s Reader Question and Answer session, I chat with Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay, who answers your questions about how dental health can be optimized through solid nutrition.  We discuss tooth remineralization, traditional foods, proper preparation of… 

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Everyday Whole Food Supplements for Resilient Health.

I believe that nourishment should come from food, not supplements. And that sentiment has drawn a bit of ire from Nourished Kitchen readers in the past few weeks who feel that routine vitamin and mineral supplementation is a necessary aspect of wellness.  I disagree, and we don’t take daily vitamins in our home. Our bodies,… 

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The Garden Remedy that Survived the Bubonic Plague: Four Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar can cure the plague, at least, that’s what French folklore teaches us. And while I can’t comment on the veracity of this statement (and, no, it hasn’t been approved by the Food & Drug Administration), I will say that in every little garden whether it’s an expansive lot on a farmstead, a… 

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join nourished kitchen at wise traditions 2010!

That’s me in the left-hand corner of your screen, all cheery and eager and blissful.  And that’s Ann Marie of Cheeseslave, Kelly of Kelly the Kitchen Kop and Kimberly of Harkeisonline, too – the real food blogs you should be reading if you aren’t already.  You long-time real food lovers may remember that last year, I attended the conference with these… 

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What Veg*ns Can Learn from Traditional Foods

While the traditional foods movement seems to focus heavily on the inclusion of high-quality, pasture-raised meat and dairy products and is, indeed, a largely animal food-based diet, that doesn’t meant that it offers no guidance or dietary wisdom for vegetarians. Indeed, there’s a lot that vegetarians can glean from the traditional foods movement and, in many ways, the practices advocated by traditional foods enthusiasts and organizations like the Weston A Price Foundation and the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation might prove even more important for vegetarians and vegans who rely on grains and legumes for much of their foods. From soaking and souring grains and legumes to fermenting veggies and eating healthy fats, here’s five things that vegetarians can learn from the traditional foods movement.

Guest Post: The Messed Up Food Pyramid

Kelly the Kitchen Kop guest posts at Nourished Kitchen where she gives her take on the USDA Food Pyramid. She writes about championing butter, USDA food recommendations and how to truly eat healthy.

Weston A Price: Findings on Traditional Foods

Weston A Price, a Cleveland dentist who, when challenged by rampant tooth decay and the considerable physical degeneration of his patients, left his practice and traveled the world researching the dietary practices of peoples consuming processed foods and those consuming an unprocessed, native diet, and the non-profit nutritional advocacy group named in his honor –… 

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Fresh, Local, Traditional: My Food Philosophy

I want to welcome all the recent readers from CNN’s  story: An Inconvenient Challenge as well as the Globe & Mail’s story: Ditching Processed Foods which covered Nourished Kitchen and the recent 28-day Real Food Challenge.  If you’re new why not subscribe or get involved?  You can also learn more about me and how to… 

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10 New Year’s Resolutions That’ll Do You Good

1. Give up refined foods: sugars, oils and flours. The single most effective thing you can do for your health in the new year is simple: remove all refined foods from your cupboards.  Give them up.  Just like that.  Yes, you may have paid good money for that bag of sugar, the gallon of vegetable… 

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