Weeds on the Kitchen Table: Wilted Dandelion Greens with Toasted Mustard Seed

Dandelion greens, like all greens, love fat.  Their robust bitterness and peppery undertones are muted, to some degree, by the liquid smoothness of unrefined olive oil or – even better – the smokiness of a good quality bacon fat, free of added nitrates and nitrites and produced from hogs raised outdoors and under a vibrant… 

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mystery veggies in your csa box? what to do with what’s in your box.

I have a confession: I have no idea what’s in my CSA box this week, and, I’m confident I’m not alone.  Sure, I can recognize the sugar snap peas and carrots, the lacinato kale with its pebbled dark green leaves, the baby collards (which we’ll combine with cream and the last of our overwintered shallots… 

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a recipe for good luck: creamed collard greens

Looking for a collard greens recipe to bring a little luck to your new year?  In this traditional recipe for creamed collards, collard greens are gently simmered in fresh cream with caramelized onions and sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg.  Creamed collards speak to the essence of comfort food in a way few other dishes do.  There’s easy… 

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Recipe: Green Beans with Bacon and Shallots

Green beans with bacon and caramelized shallots is classic comfort food: simple and well-seasoned. This recipe for green beans with bacon is savory and easy. While my version of green beans with bacon may vary slightly from the original served by my godmother, the essences of the flavors remain the same: fresh green beans seasoned by a healthy serving of bacon and shallots. While the ingredients may be humble, it is often the simplest of foods and preparations that yield the very best dishes. If you’d like to use pastured lard, why not learn how to render it.

Five Winter Greens You Don’t Want to Miss

Winter greens, teeming with micronutrients, nourish my family during the darkest days of the season when the fields offer little else but stored apples and pumpkin.  As days grow shorter, spinach, Swiss chard and other winter greens slowly replace the tender mesclun lettuces of spring and summer before the cycle begins anew.  At the height… 

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Ham and Bean Soup for Your Crockpot

Ham and bean soup: it’s just about as simple as it can get and it takes such little time as this particularly version of ham and bean soup is cooked in a crockpot.   I love how the mildness of tender white beans complements the striking, sweet smokiness of a pastured ham hock in a… 

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Spinach, Caramelized Onion and Chevre Quiche with Potato Crust

Last week, we served this quiche for brunch.   Full of fresh spinach and dotted with chèvre, this quiche is grain-free and perfect served at breakfast, or with a salad for lunch.   Spinach is rich vitamin K, folate, beta carotene and manganese.   In lieu of a flour-based crust, this quich incorporates a crust… 

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Sauteed Greens with Garlic

This dish is a staple at our table regardless of season since quality greens are often available year-round.   The dish is inexpensive, yet it can be made even less expensive by using the greens attached to the root vegetables you pick up at the market: the beet greens, the turnip greens etc.   Greens… 

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Simple Salad for Those Who Burn Water

We eat a salad with every dinner, and often with lunch too.   Making raw or enzyme-enriched foods an essential part of your diet provides you with a good source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.   Besides, salads are tasty. I prefer to use mixed mesclun lettuce rather than head lettuce (except in Caesar… 

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