A Recipe: Pumpkin Custard for the Thanksgiving Table

Pumpkin custard, faintly sweet and deeply nourishing, finds its way to our Thanksgiving table each year.  One of my favorite desserts, pumpkin custard is suitable for those who … [Read more...]


Oh Heavens: Lard-fried Potato Chips with Smoked Paprika & Scallions

Homemade potato chips find their way to our kitchen only very rarely, but what a heavenly indulgence when they do appear.  You see, I’m a potato chip addict.  I may blend a killer … [Read more...]

a recipe for good luck: creamed collard greens

Looking for a collard greens recipe to bring a little luck to your new year?  In this traditional recipe for creamed collards, collard greens are gently simmered in fresh cream … [Read more...]

Molasses Custard

Gently flavored by blackstrap molasses - a mineral-rich, natural sweetener - this custard has quickly become a favorite dessert in our home, and one my four-year-old relishes.    … [Read more...]