Stocking the Traditional Foods Pantry

Stocking a Traditional Foods Pantry: What to Buy, Where to Buy It & How to Use It

Pulses What to Buy:  Pulses are legumes grown for human consumption, and they include lentils and beans.  Pulses are affordable and, when prepared properly, deeply nutritious offering concentrated sources of food folate and minerals like phosphorus.  Choose organically grown beans and lentils.  For those adhering to the GAPS diet, choose navy beans, lentils and lima… 

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Anytime Cookies (Fruit-sweetened and Grain-free)

As kids we were always told that cookies were not an acceptable meal for breakfast. I’d like to know who made up that rule, and then tell them that I’m breaking it. I let my 18 month old eat these cookies for breakfast. They’re made with all natural ingredients so even though they’re cookies, I… 

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Coconut Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple upside down cake reminds me of my childhood and the countless afternoons I spent watching my mother play bridge or mah jongg with her friends and the Wednesday evening potlucks at our local church. She always brought one of three dishes to those potlucks: spaghetti pie, seven layer dip or pineapple upside down cake.  I… 

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Top Posts from 2011: real food recipes, tutorials and personal stories

2011 came and went so fast. And for Nourished Kitchen, we reached more people this year than we’ve ever reached before and – chances are – you found the site this year (though I’ll always have a deep-seated love for those who’ve followed the site since its inception in 2007.  You know who you are,… 

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baking with coconut flour

How to Bake with Coconut Flour: Tips & Tricks for Using this Gluten-free Flour

Have you heard about the benefits of baking with coconut flour? As the interest in grain-free diets continues to rise, many cooks are looking to coconut flour for their baking.  Baking with coconut flour presents unique challenges as coconut flour does not perform the same as grain-based flours in baking; that is, baking with coconut… 

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A Tutorial: How to Make Coconut Milk

Ever wondered how to make coconut milk? No, not the tinned stuff; rather, have you ever wondered how to make truly fresh coconut milk?  While tins of coconut milk do just fine – a compromise food that balances the traditional with the modern, the flavor of a true homemade coconut milk is unsurpassed. Take the… 

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for the love of real food: weekend reading & links

You all know how much I value keeping healthy, and for those of you who follow Nourished Kitchen on Twitter, you saw my update about a miserable and unexpected cold.  Thanks to all the helpful advice, our household is on the mend and in addition to the unconventional ways to fight the colds and flus that we typically use, I gleaned… 

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Recipe: Mangoes and Sticky Rice

Mangoes and sticky rice – oh how my heart swoons!  After a heated meal of Thai food – heightened by the bright flavors of kaffir lime, lemongrass and painfully hot chili peppers – nothing soothes the palate quite like a warm bowl of gently sweet and slightly salty mangoes and sticky rice. I like to… 

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Sprouted Grain Doughnuts: Yes, Everyone Deserves a Treat

What the hell are doughnuts doing on your site? I can hear you muttering. Don’t click off quite yet. You see; it’s National Doughnut Month and I thought we’d celebrate with a special recipe here at Nourished Kitchen: sprouted grain doughnuts with coconut-vanilla glaze.   While you might think that a healthy recipe may well… 

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Cinnamon Sweet Potato Hashbrowns

On a Saturday morning when my Dad was visiting, I fixed brunch and whipped these sweet potato hashbrowns up on   a whim.   After that first taste, they have quickly become a staple for our weekend brunch.   Instead of white potatoes, or even fingerling potatoes as in my Fingerling Potato & Zucchini Hashbrowns,… 

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Coconut Citrus Madeleines

Citrus Coconut Madeleines are one of our favorite treats: slightly sweet and flavored with lemon, orange and vanilla.   In keeping with my recent post on why you should go grain-free, I’m sharing a tried-and-true, never-fail and cherished recipe: citrus coconut madeleines.   I first fell in love with madeleines in a high school French… 

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