Top Posts from 2011: real food recipes, tutorials and personal stories

2011 came and went so fast. And for Nourished Kitchen, we reached more people this year than we’ve ever reached before and – chances are – you found the site this year (though I’ll … [Read more...]

Perpetual Soup: The Easiest Bone Broth You’ll Make

Bone broth is a staple of my family’s diet.  As with healthy fats, heirloom vegetables, grass-fed meats and a good old-fashioned fermented cod liver oil, we consume a lot of bone … [Read more...]

a recipe for a nasty cold: egg drop soup with duck

 Egg drop soup is a favorite in our home: easy to make, rich with flavor and brimming with nutrient-dense ingredients.  A far cry from the tepid, gelatinous and oddly yellow soups … [Read more...]

Onion Bisque with Frizzled Leeks & Rosemary

  Onion bisque, a decidedly humble food, bridges the seasons of winter and spring in a beautiful marriage of overwintered onions and shallots with the new leeks of early … [Read more...]

slowcooker chicken soup to soothe a weary soul

  Slowcooker chicken soup can soothe a weary soul.  These days mine is in desperate want of soothing.  There are months when life seems to take the lead and you’re always … [Read more...]

a recipe: chicken and gluten-free dumplings with fresh herbs

Gluten-free chicken and dumplings swimming in a salty, creamy broth of herbs and aromatic vegetables found its way to our kitchen a few weeks ago.   A cold-weather food, good for … [Read more...]

a vintage recipe: cream of chicken soup

Cream of chicken soup, real cream of chicken soup, doesn’t come from a red and white can, folks. Real cream of chicken soup is homemade, from scratch and lovingly tended as it … [Read more...]


A Recipe: Minimalist Roast Chicken

Easy roast chicken, using the most minimal of ingredients and techniques, has found its way into our kitchen more than once in the past month.  When time is limited, as it has been … [Read more...]

Fresh Chicken Broth: Achieving a Solid Gel

A good stock is the backbone of a good kitchen; it provides flavor to your dishes as well as sustenance and nourishment for your body.   Broth features in the traditional foods of … [Read more...]

Voodoo Stock: Chicken Feet & Chili Peppers

Chicken feet - gnarly, repulsive and disturbing - make for the very best stock. Devoid of little else but tendons, bone and cartilage (sound appetizing yet?), chicken feet produce … [Read more...]