Stocking the Traditional Foods Pantry

Stocking a Traditional Foods Pantry: What to Buy, Where to Buy It & How to Use It

Pulses What to Buy:  Pulses are legumes grown for human consumption, and they include lentils and beans.  Pulses are affordable and, when prepared properly, deeply nutritious offering concentrated sources of food folate and minerals like phosphorus.  Choose organically grown beans and lentils.  For those adhering to the GAPS diet, choose navy beans, lentils and lima… 

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a recipe: staititai [ancient greek sesame & honey pizza]

Staititai, sweet, tart and perfumed by sweet bay and fragrant olive oil, is, perhaps, the ancient grandfather of modern day pizzas.  Soured spelt dough is first fried in olive oil, brushed with even more oil and topped with crumbled ewe’s milk cheese, sesame seeds and honey.  The combination of whole grain spelt flour coupled with ewe’s… 

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Our Daily Bread: No-knead Sourdough

No-knead sourdough bread, with crisp crust and its ballooning airy pockets in the crumb, is our favorite bread.   And, recently, I’ve taken the time to return to the kitchen and my roots within traditional foods by embracing the pleasure breads, grains and pulses bring to the kitchen table in addition to all those lovely fats,… 

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My Favorite Things: Dolphin Watching, Fennel Pollen & the Mindful Carnivore

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of January already.  January feels like it’s flown by, and I’m still searching for my footing.  Putting the month behind me – having read some very good books, cooked some good dishes, found new blogs – I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of my… 

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Grain-free Shortbread with Salted Caramel

Last week I shared my recipe for Grain-Free Shortbread Wedges, crumbly and buttery and just in time for the holidays. Now it is time to share how I morph that recipe into delectable shortbread bars that are delicious on their own, but go completely over the top when dipped in caramel and sprinkled with sea… 

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baking with coconut flour

How to Bake with Coconut Flour: Tips & Tricks for Using this Gluten-free Flour

Have you heard about the benefits of baking with coconut flour? As the interest in grain-free diets continues to rise, many cooks are looking to coconut flour for their baking.  Baking with coconut flour presents unique challenges as coconut flour does not perform the same as grain-based flours in baking; that is, baking with coconut… 

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a recipe: italian red torpedo onion gratin with fresh herbs

Onion gratin with fresh herbs is one of those special indulgences: fragrant, rich with cream and herbs.  It’s an old-fashioned dish with no pretense.  It’s comfort food at its best: sweet and savory and salty all at once. Warm for the growing chill of mid-September, onion gratin, humble as it is, deserves a place on the… 

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A Recipe for Winter: Apple & Spice Dutch Baby Pancake

Dutch baby pancakes, puffy and golden brown, are my go-to dish for wholesome and nourishing breakfasts.  At night, when I’ve tucked my son into his cotton quilts and woolen blankets, I ask him what he wants to eat for the next morning’s breakfast.  So many dishes, properly prepared, need time  – soaked oatmeal porridge, baked… 

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A Recipe: Ketchup for Real Food Lovers

Homemade ketchup – it sounds complicated as though you’d spend all day in the kitchen pounding your way through vats of tomatoes and slowly simmering them away in kettles on a wooden stove.  Making homemade ketchup from scratch seems complex, almost unfathomable in an era when quick-fix, all-in-one bagged skillet dinners constitute “cooking from scratch.”… 

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a recipe: homemade yogurt & spelt crackers

Homemade crackers are well-loved in our home – rustic, flavorful and tender, they’ve become a favorite of both visiting children and adults.  While preparing homemade crackers doesn’t require too much time or kitchen know-how (even a novice can master the slow techniques of mixing, kneading and rolling), the results are simply lovely – a reminder of… 

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how to celebrate the first snow (a recipe for buckwheat sourdoughnuts)

The first snow of the season greeted us this morning, blanketing our mountain town under a thin, cold and icy film.   Grey clouds hung low against the hills, revealing the peaks only by the fleeting whims of a chilly autumn breeze. Each year when the snows first arrive, we celebrate – last year they arrived on… 

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