water kefir grains

How to Brew Water Kefir (a quick tutorial)

Water kefir, a fermented beverage teeming with beneficial bacteria, is remarkably simple to prepare  and often more palatable than other probiotic tonics like kombucha and beet kvass.   Similar in flavor to a dry, slightly fizzy lemonade, water kefir is pleasant and even small children can enjoy it.   When my son was littler than… 

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Weeds on the Kitchen Table: Wilted Dandelion Greens with Toasted Mustard Seed

Dandelion greens, like all greens, love fat.  Their robust bitterness and peppery undertones are muted, to some degree, by the liquid smoothness of unrefined olive oil or – even better – the smokiness of a good quality bacon fat, free of added nitrates and nitrites and produced from hogs raised outdoors and under a vibrant… 

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My Favorite Things: Dolphin Watching, Fennel Pollen & the Mindful Carnivore

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of January already.  January feels like it’s flown by, and I’m still searching for my footing.  Putting the month behind me – having read some very good books, cooked some good dishes, found new blogs – I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of my… 

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My Favorite Things in December: Hot Springs, Magnesium Oil and Site Updates

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of the year already. Sometimes, I feel lost amid the rapids of life – the work, the emails, our farmers market and real food bank, the everything.  Seriously, it seems that everything I do to simplify my life leaves me open to complicate it further.  Which is why this… 

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traditional remedies from the garden: stinging nettle infusion with mint & clover

Stinging nettle infusion spiked with mint and red clover found its way to my kitchen counter by chance this summer where its deep green, inky hue is now desperately loved. Yes, like most of you real food lovers, I’m a fan of the legendary herbalist Susun Weed.  And though her Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year  sits… 

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tomatoes provençale & where to find truly good olive oil

Tomatoes provençale, a simple dish that highlights the bounty of late summer gardens with its emphasis on fresh tomatoes, finds its way to our table almost daily in August when we buy heirloom tomatoes by the case at our local market.  Tomatoes, you see, don’t do well up here at 9,000 feet.  So we get… 

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Brine-pickled Beets with Ginger and Orange

Fermented beets, dank and earthy and sour, number among my favorite ferments of vegetable.  While I will always love the fetid odor of a true sauerkraut, the clean and salty sharpness of Moroccan preserved lemons or the brackish must of a home-cured olive, it is fermented beets – lovingly spiced and brine-pickled – that makes… 

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A Recipe: Ketchup for Real Food Lovers

Homemade ketchup – it sounds complicated as though you’d spend all day in the kitchen pounding your way through vats of tomatoes and slowly simmering them away in kettles on a wooden stove.  Making homemade ketchup from scratch seems complex, almost unfathomable in an era when quick-fix, all-in-one bagged skillet dinners constitute “cooking from scratch.”… 

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brine pickled garlic scapes

Brine-pickled garlic scapes, a near-perfect example of waste-not, want-not thinking, makes excellent use of a seemingly obscure food – one cherished only by gardeners and only the most enthusiastic of farmers market goers: the humble garlic scape.  The garlic scape, a long and serpentine stem that protrudes from garlic as it grows before opening into… 

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A Recipe: Fresh Fig & Yogurt Tart with Almond Crust

A fresh fig tart, earthy and mildly sweet, is a hard thing to resist.  And when fresh figs are paired with honeyed yogurt and almond meal, it’s even harder to resist, especially for four-year-old fingers.   So when we made this fresh fig tart, filling an almond flour tart shell with honey-sweetened strained yogurt and slices… 

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keep the bounty: week #2

It’s week #2 of the Keep the Harvest Challenge at Nourished Kitchen and we’re working our way through August by ditching our canners, and brushing up on old-world, traditional techniques for food preservation.  Our first week was all about fermentation – the magical transformation of fresh food into pickled through the function of beneficial microorganisms. If… 

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