Salisbury Steak Recipe

A Recipe: Salisbury Steak for Grown-ups

This is not your lunch lady’s Salisbury steak recipe. No.  Not by any means.  In this Salisbury steak recipe, we pair grass-fed beef with earthy oyster and shiitake mushrooms, … [Read more...]

A Recipe for Winter: Apple & Spice Dutch Baby Pancake

Dutch baby pancakes, puffy and golden brown, are my go-to dish for wholesome and nourishing breakfasts.  At night, when I’ve tucked my son into his cotton quilts and woolen … [Read more...]

a recipe for good luck: creamed collard greens

Looking for a collard greens recipe to bring a little luck to your new year?  In this traditional recipe for creamed collards, collard greens are gently simmered in fresh cream … [Read more...]


how to celebrate the first snow (a recipe for buckwheat sourdoughnuts)

The first snow of the season greeted us this morning, blanketing our mountain town under a thin, cold and icy film.   Grey clouds hung low against the hills, revealing the peaks … [Read more...]

a recipe: braised steak with red wine and rosemary

I like a good steak – rich, tender, juicy, barely cooked.  Most of all, I like a good grass-fed steak.  In fact anything else leaves me a bit queasy.  There’s a striking difference … [Read more...]

Cider-braised Brisket with Tzimmes

Braised brisket with tzimmes, a classic dish for Rosh Hashanah, takes a new direction with the addition of hard apple cider.  Slowly cooked and tenderly watched, grass-fed beef … [Read more...]

a recipe: bbq sauce that’s hot, sweet and black as sin

Homemade barbecue sauce, sweet, hot and full of rich flavor, is one of our favorite indulgences.  One of the last opportunities for summer barbecues lurks just around the corner, … [Read more...]

Recipe: Homemade Orange Creamsicles

Creamsicles.  Don't you love them?  I mean, really now, how can you not adore them in all their icy, creamy glory.  And when you taste homemade creamsicle, you'll never miss the … [Read more...]

Recipe: Olive Oil Ice Cream with Blood Oranges

Olive oil ice cream with blood oranges, inspired by these olive oil recipes, recently found its way to our kitchen with our first bottles of fresh, raw milk for the year.  In this … [Read more...]

Home-cured Corned Beef

Home-cured corned beef.  It seems daunting, doesn't it?  Curing meat at home is much easier than you'd expect, and there's a growing community of home cooks who are beginning to … [Read more...]