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Potted Cheddar with Bacon and Shallots

I have a thing for cheese.  Real cheese.  Sharp, salty, creamy.  I have a thing for cheddar in particular.  Cheddar so sharp it smacks you in the mouth. And it’s that love that keeps me walking warily down the dairy case, even at my local health food store, where I eye deplorable hunks of milky,… 

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A Look at Our Food Budget

The subject of money comes up a lot, especially for those real food newbies who are not quite sure how to make the transition from a standard American diet of prepackaged, convenience foods to wholesome, real foods.  The cost of grass-fed meat, raw milk, wild-caught fish and organic vegetables can really add up over time…. 

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Three-seed Porridge with Ginger and Blueberries

I have a secret love of porridge, and, in the winter months, it is one of our favorite breakfasts.  We eat soaked oatmeal porridge, mostly, and congee from time to time, but occasionally I like to focus on other grains and pseudocereals like buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa whose grassy undertones blossom when paired with fresh… 

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tomatoes provençale & where to find truly good olive oil

Tomatoes provençale, a simple dish that highlights the bounty of late summer gardens with its emphasis on fresh tomatoes, finds its way to our table almost daily in August when we buy heirloom tomatoes by the case at our local market.  Tomatoes, you see, don’t do well up here at 9,000 feet.  So we get… 

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don’t waste garden thinnings: a recipe for braised whole baby beets

I always feel a little lost, a little wasteful when it’s time to thin my garden as though all those little plants, doing their best to grow in our very rocky mountain soil, are being plucked early with no chance of reaching their potential.  It’s a curious thought, but I’m known for being particularly sentimental when… 

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I drink real milk: fresh, raw, local and full of fat.

I drink raw milk. I drink fresh, raw milk.  Really fresh, really raw and always in season. In essence, I drink real milk.  I’ve waxed poetic about my love of fresh cream before, but now it’s milk’s turn. My milk is fresh, in season, grass-fed, full-fat and locally produced.  It is rich, and luscious and… 

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Cider-braised Brisket with Tzimmes

Braised brisket with tzimmes, a classic dish for Rosh Hashanah, takes a new direction with the addition of hard apple cider.  Slowly cooked and tenderly watched, grass-fed beef brisket is first seared in tallow then doused in homemade beef stock and hard cider and roasted in a clay baker or Dutch oven for several hours. … 

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A Recipe: Melted Apricots with Fresh Raspberries

I like my desserts simple. So simple that it almost pains me to share them – as though you might read this post and think to yourself, “Apricots, butter, cinnamon and raspberries? Really?  That’s all? Man, I could have figured that out!” What can I say, I like simple food.  The summer season is in… 

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Farms, Markets, Gardens: Our Week in Pictures

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts recently at Nourished Kitchen, but we’ve been busy here in the high country – gardening, marketing, visiting farms … laying in hammocks.  But rather than tell you just how overwhelming our week has been and just how overworked we are (read: unbearably), I thought I’d give… 

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A Recipe: Potato Leek Soup with Dill

Potato Leek Soup, dotted with dill and pasture-raised bacon, may seem like an odd addition to a June post. I mean, really now, summer’s less than a week away – and I imagine all of you sipping away at icy tomato gazpachos and spooning sweet cherry sorbet into your mouths. It’s hot. It’s humid and the night air is sultry and warm where you are, isn’t it? Don’t lie to me now – I know it’s true. While you’re lounging by the grill, sending your kids to run naked through the sprinklers and collect raspberries on tall, leafy canes, I’m shivering and considering turning out the heat though it’s the middle of June dammitall.

A Recipe: Sesame-Honey Candy

Sesame honey candy, or pasteli, is a traditional Greek confection which combines the simplest of ingredients to create a wholesome, natural treat featuring three simple ingredients: sesame seeds, honey and unrefined sea salt.  Often served for Easter, though a charming treat any time of the year, sesame honey candy are dense with sesame flavor and… 

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