A Look at Our Food Budget

The subject of money comes up a lot, especially for those real food newbies who are not quite sure how to make the transition from a standard American diet of prepackaged, … [Read more...]


Three-seed Porridge with Ginger and Blueberries

I have a secret love of porridge, and, in the winter months, it is one of our favorite breakfasts.  We eat soaked oatmeal porridge, mostly, and congee from time to time, but … [Read more...]

tomatoes provençale & where to find truly good olive oil

Tomatoes provençale, a simple dish that highlights the bounty of late summer gardens with its emphasis on fresh tomatoes, finds its way to our table almost daily in August when we … [Read more...]

don’t waste garden thinnings: a recipe for braised whole baby beets

I always feel a little lost, a little wasteful when it’s time to thin my garden as though all those little plants, doing their best to grow in our very rocky mountain soil, are … [Read more...]

I drink real milk: fresh, raw, local and full of fat.

I drink raw milk. I drink fresh, raw milk.  Really fresh, really raw and always in season. In essence, I drink real milk.  I’ve waxed poetic about my love of fresh cream before, … [Read more...]

Cider-braised Brisket with Tzimmes

Braised brisket with tzimmes, a classic dish for Rosh Hashanah, takes a new direction with the addition of hard apple cider.  Slowly cooked and tenderly watched, grass-fed beef … [Read more...]

A Recipe: Melted Apricots with Fresh Raspberries

I like my desserts simple. So simple that it almost pains me to share them - as though you might read this post and think to yourself, "Apricots, butter, cinnamon and raspberries? … [Read more...]

Farms, Markets, Gardens: Our Week in Pictures

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts recently at Nourished Kitchen, but we've been busy here in the high country - gardening, marketing, visiting farms ... laying in … [Read more...]

A Recipe: Potato Leek Soup with Dill

Potato Leek Soup, dotted with dill and pasture-raised bacon, may seem like an odd addition to a June post.  I mean, really now, summer's less than a week away - and I imagine all … [Read more...]

A Recipe: Sesame-Honey Candy

Sesame honey candy, or pasteli, is a traditional Greek confection which combines the simplest of ingredients to create a wholesome, natural treat featuring three simple … [Read more...]