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Sweet Risotto with Buttermilk and Sultanas

  Sweet risotto reminds me of my grandmother, and her closely-guarded recipe for rice pudding.  I don’t remember much about my grandmother’s kitchen, only a tiny table, a white stove, real New York frankfurters cooked in mustard water, a crystal candy jar full of Jolly Ranchers, and her rice pudding. She guarded her recipes.  After years… 

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chicken turnovers

Chicken and Vegetable Turnovers with Sourdough Einkorn Crust

Chicken turnovers – also overflowing with leeks, carrots, celery and kale – baked in my oven while my husband and son raked leaves in the yard on Sunday afternoon.  It’s autumn, now.  The aspen leaves have abandoned their perch and lay in blissful, crisp piles around the yard and along the stone path to our… 

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charcuterie (1)

A Recipe for Easy, Everyday Lunch Meat

Seductive in their papers and casings, hams and salamis always peer at me from my favorite butcher’s deli case, luring me with their heady fragrances of garlic and smoke. I have a not-so-hidden love of cured meats and it’s not unusual for me to come home with extra packages of proscuitto and Genoa salami tucked… 

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red currants for pie

Red Currant Pie with Buttered Sourdough Crust

Currant pie, sweet and tart with a hint of cinnamon, rounds out the desserts on my summertime table.  Currants offer an old-fashioned charm, and I look forward to their brief and fleeting appearance in my CSA box every summer. My son and I pluck them from their fragile stems gently so as not to bruise… 

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creamy asparagus soup

My Favorite Asparagus Soup

When spring inches its way forward, there is one recipe that I invariably prepare: asparagus soup.  It’s creamy, but light, and rich with the grassy green herbaceous flavor of asparagus and leeks. Spring comes earlier to the region around us than it comes to the mountain itself.  After a long and grey-white winter, when March… 

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Our Daily Bread: No-knead Sourdough

No-knead sourdough bread, with crisp crust and its ballooning airy pockets in the crumb, is our favorite bread.   And, recently, I’ve taken the time to return to the kitchen and my roots within traditional foods by embracing the pleasure breads, grains and pulses bring to the kitchen table in addition to all those lovely fats,… 

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Portable Soup: My Homemade Bouillon

Portable soup, a sort of homemade bouillon, sustained travelers before Cup O’ Noodles lined rest stop shelves and salty powdered bouillon cubes gave home cooks a short cut in making soups, stews and sauces.  Modern cooks who seem to favor time saving packaged ingredients over more elaborate traditions have lost their taste for laborious culinary… 

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