Sweet Marrow Custard with Vanilla Bean

Layered With Summer Berries . . . Cinnamon sprinkled peaches, or ripe figs in the fall, this faintly sweet custard makes it’s way to our breakfast table every season of the year. Wholesome fats and protein plus many vitamins and minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, B-Vitamins, Vitamin K and Vitamin A to name a few),… 

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Sleepy Tea for Overtired Children (and grownups, too)

The long light of summer leaves my little boy anxious.  When you’re six, no matter how tired you might be from summer days spent playing, shooting arrows, finding treasure and counting bugs, heading to bed before the sun sinks below the mountains will always feel deeply and fundamentally unfair. So when 8:00 rolls around each… 

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Anytime Cookies (Fruit-sweetened and Grain-free)

As kids we were always told that cookies were not an acceptable meal for breakfast. I’d like to know who made up that rule, and then tell them that I’m breaking it. I let my 18 month old eat these cookies for breakfast. They’re made with all natural ingredients so even though they’re cookies, I… 

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Cherry & Vanilla Bean Sorbet

Cherry sorbet – potent in all its sweet-tart iciness – evokes memories summer.   I anxiously await their arrival:   Will this be a good cherry year? Did the orchards suffer any late freezes? When, oh when, will they be ready for market? They usually make their appearance in late June when of our farmers… 

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