Meat, Poultry & Fish

Healthy meat recipes prepared from nourishing, nutrient-dense animal foods like grass-finished meat, pasture-raised chickens and pork as well as wild-caught fish.   Take care to choose animals that are raised on pasture (see sources).

salisbury steak recipe

Salisbury Steak

Fragrant with the woodsy perfume of wild mushrooms, red wine and caramelized onion, this Salisbury steak recipe elevates a humble dish from pallid and pasty meat served in grade-school lunchrooms of your childhood to the divine.

roast lamb with olives

Roast Lamb with Olives, Preserved Lemon and Oregano

Like most dishes of roast meat, roast lamb with olives, lemon and oregano is extraordinarily easy to prepare.  The lamb is first seared in ghee or clarified butter before deeply aromatic additions of sun-dried olives, preserved lemon, whole garlic cloves and Greek oregano are tossed into the hot skillet, then it is slow-roasted for several hours to ensure tenderness and flavor.

easy roast chicken

Minimalist Roast Chicken

Dressing a pasture-raised bird with minimal ingredients enables its rich flavor to shine.  Slow-roasting ensures that the bird is fall-apart tender.  Good food takes good time and while the hours you spend tenderly slow-roasting the bird are long, the active time in the kitchen is minimal.

sole meuniere

Sole Meunière

Sole meunière is a lovely simple dish, rich with the flavor of browned butter, fresh parsley and lemon.   It’s easily prepared in under fifteen minutes, and excellent served with a salad of frisée on the side.

shrimp salad

Shrimp Salad with Dill Mayonnaise

This shrimp salad is teeming with nutrients and food enzymes – rich in vitamin E, iodine, biotin, vitamin C and other nutrients.

fried chicken livers

Fried Chicken Livers with New Mexico Chilies

Savory and pleasantly spiced by bright green chili peppers, these fried chicken livers are best served alongside a gravy made from mineral-rich chicken stock.

home-cured corned beef

Home-cured Corned Beef

Cured in celery, juice, whey, salt and spice, this corned beef recipe is pleasantly spiced, but not nearly as salty as the pre-packaged briskets you find in the meat section at your supermarket.  Serve it with boiled cabbage and new potatoes slathered in melted butter and sprinkled with fresh parsley.

pan-fried veal with rosemary

Pan-fried Veal with Rosemary

The pine-like, herbaceous scent of fresh rosemary infuses this recipe for pan-fried veal cutlets with a subtle vibrant flavor that is well complemented by the addition of preserved Meyer lemon with its bright, slightly salty taste.  The  flavor of shallots caramelized in bacon fat adds a smoky touch to the tender cutlets of veal.

salmon baked in cream

Salmon Baked in Cream & Herbs

Wild-caught salmon, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, combines with fresh herbs and cream for a simply but deeply satisfying supper.  Complete the meal with a vibrant, pepper arugula salad seasoned with unrefined sea salt and a fruity unrefined extra virgin olive oil.

beef pot roast

Beef Pot Roast with Winter Vegetables

Beef and root vegetables are slow-roasted in red wine and seasoned with fragrant thyme for a tender and richly flavored winter supper.  This recipe is featured in January’s recipe cards by Nourished Kitchen.


Red Chili Pork with Pineapple Habañero Salsa

Local, pastured pork is pan-seared then braised until tender in a thin paste of red chilies, garlic, Mexican oregano and pineapple juice before being served on top of fresh corn tortillas, silky guacamole and fresh pineapple habanero salsa.  Guest post by Ren of Edible Aria.

cottage pie

Cottage Pie with Mashed Yams

I love cottage pie for supper, on a cold winter’s night, it’s a delicious comfort food. This recipe is simple, nourishing, and can be prepared using one cast-iron pan, what’s more to love?  Guest post by Emily of Minneapolis Real Food Lover.

beef burgundy

Beef Burgundy

It’s starting to get cold out – stormy and chilly all afternoon – and the aspens are turning gold again.   When summer turns to autumn, my thoughts turn to comfort food: meatloaf, pot roasts, roast chicken and, of course, beef burgundy.

roast duck

Slow-roasted Duck with Sour Cherry Sauce

This recipe for roast duck serves 6 with little leftover.   Remember, you can prepare a delicious, savory roast duck stock in the same manner that you can prepare a roast chicken stock, so take care to save those bones.

Fried Octopus

This fried octopus is served over greens with my favorite seafood accompaniment: preserved lemon and parsley tapenade.   While it doesn’t contain a lot of fat, it has a fantastic omega-3 to omega-6 ratio although that’s likely hindered through frying as in this recipe.   You can also serve octopus stir-fried, braised or sashimi-style.

Spaghetti with Clams, Saffron and Lemon

rom time to time, we get a craving for pasta, and noodles.   It’s simple to make, easy and like the best of foods – comforting.   Of course, being traditional food fanatics, we keep a watchful eye on grain consumption and, particularly, refined grain consumption.   Whole wheat pasta doesn’t do since the wheat hasn’t been soured or soak and is therefore rife with antinutrients like phytic acid.   Instead, we use whole grain brown rice pasta from Tinkyada (you can buy Tinkyada on Amazon) which is still a whole food, but low in phytic acid so you retain more nutrients from the meal.

Salmon Cakes with Wasabi Mayonnaise

I like to serve these salmon cakes over mixed greens with fresh ruby red grapefruit and homemade wasabi mayonnaise. This recipe represents an excellent opportunity to get salmon into your family’s bellies at an affordable price.   The meal is inexpensive, flavorful and nutrient-dense. Unlike many recipes for salmon cakes, this recipe doesn’t use any fillers and is grain- and gluten-free.   It serves 4 as a main course, with two cakes per person.

Halibut & Beef Soft Tacos

This soft taco recipe is easy to prepare and adaptable to fish, beef, chicken or even pork.     Serving a variety of meat is nice, coupled with a variety of toppings is nice too.   Coupling coconut oil with beef and halibut ensures plenty of good fats while the fresh vegetables and spice rub offer plenty of antioxidants and micronutrients.

Celery Root, Potato & Fennel Casserole with Walnut-encrusted Cod

An easy-to-make and nourishing winter casserole, this dish takes advantage of winter vegetables like fennel, potato and celery root.   Fennel is rich in vitamin C, folate, dietary fiber and trace minerals like copper and molybdenum while celery root is an excellent source of vitamin K1.

Chicken Nuggets with Almonds

Using wholesome ingredients like pastured organic chicken breasts, sprouted grain flour, almonds, herbs and spices can improve upon this fast-food classic.   While we sometimes serve them with homemade barbeque sauce or even a honey-mustard dip, everyone in our family – including our toddler – prefers them with preserved lemon & parsley tapenade.

Moroccan Spice Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is a staple in our home, but herb-roasted chicken – as delicious as it is – can become dull from week to week.   The recipe for this chicken is my interpretation of the classic roast chicken frequently served in Morocco with lacto-fermented lemons and olives.   I spent quite a while in Morrocco doing volunteer work and developed a love of the nation’s cuisine.   Serve Moroccan-spiced Roast Chicken with Morrocan Preserved Lemons.

Herbed Chicken Pot Pie with Bacon

I’m one for traditional, back-to-basics cooking.   Cooking that feeds the soul.   Like meatloaf and roast chicken and, of course, chicken pot pie.

Salmon Misoyaki with Gomasio

Easy to prepare, this miso- and tamari-glazed salmon recipe is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.   The gomasio – a sesame salt – adds magnesium and calcium.

Classic Meatloaf

Use grass-finished beef, as it’s rich in vitamin A, CLA, omega-3 fatty acids and other critical nutrients and add plenty of veggies to the mix for both flavor and nutrition.   This recipe, unlike others, is also grain-free.   You can make it even more nourishing by substituting a portion of the ground meat with ground liver.

Roast Chicken with Prosciutto & Herbs

Pasture-raised chicken wrapped in prosciutto and seasoned with fresh herbs.

Perfect Roast Chicken

Well-seasoned roast chicken makes for an easy supper that can make for easy leftovers.