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Each year at Christmas Heather Lionelle’s grandmother would comb magazine stands in search of the perfect gift for her granddaughter – a granddaughter who loved and cherished food.  Special as the Christmas ritual was, when Heather began to discover real and traditional foods, she found she spent more and more time modifying the recipes in cookbooks and magazines.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  How many times have you combed the pages of a stunning cookbook or searched through an online recipe portal only to find that you’d have to reconfigure everything – substituting this for that, modifying portions of sweetener, adjusting recipes to allow for soaking or souring or sprouting all on a wisp of a prayer that it might work out?

It was then, in spring of 2011 when Heather was pregnant with her first child, that she left complacency behind and decided to forge ahead with Real Food and Health – a digital magazine with printable recipes that is devoted exclusively to real and traditional foods.

About Real Food and Health

With new baby in tow, Heather forged ahead on Real Food and Health – creating a digital magazine for e-Readers like Kindle (though there’s also .PDF versions available, too).   It features help for those transitioning to the real food lifestyle, general articles and several recipes as well as simple tutorials that teach you how to sprout beans or make your own fermented drinks.

Heather produces six issues each year – with loads of real food recipes, lifestyle tips and other ideas so that readers never have to spend time reconfiguring recipes to make sure they work with simple, whole foods instead of margarine and sugar called for by some magazines.  Noted experts within the real and traditional foods community contribute to the magazine, so readers benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a wide variety of leaders within the community.

Real Food and Health on Kindle

Real Food and Health offers an enhanced kindle version of the traditional foods magazine sold on Amazon.  Not only does the Kindle version provide you with the same recipes, articles and tutorials as the traditional .PDF version, but it also connects you with the Real Food and Health reading library which allows you to print free recipes from their website.

Get a 2-week Free Trial

If you have a Kindle-compatible device (Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android) you can get a 2-week Free Trial of Real Food and Health Magazine through Amazon.  

How to Stay Updated

You can visit Real Food and Health online, or simply follow them through Facebook and Twitter so that you don’t miss a thing.  Their growing facebook community and twitter stream builds upon the vibrant community with the traditional foods movement, and also gives Heather the opportunity to answer your questions quickly and efficiently.


Learn to Cook Real Food

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