reader questions on vitamin k2 and an interview with dr. kate rheaume-bleue

Are you getting enough vitamin K2? Unless you’re eating good quality butter, cheese, grass-fed meats or natto, you probably aren’t.  In this reader question and answer session, Dr. Kate Rheame-Bleue, author of Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox, joins us today to discuss the benefits of vitamin K2, where to find it and why you need it.

Kate Rheume-Bleue is a licensed primary care naturopathic physician and the author ofVitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life.  As an educator, Dr. Kate is a frequent media guest and Canadian expert in natural medicine.

And just a note: I had some measure of difficulty with the sound control on this video (and there’s not much I can do about it).  So if you have trouble listening, make sure to download the full transcript.

video: vitamin k2 and the calcium paradox

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What people are saying

  1. says

    I just ordered Dr.Kate’s book, but after listening to this, I’m thinking of canceling the book!!

    The Reason Why:
    Dr. Kate talks about K2, Which incompass’s more then one K2.. There is K2 MK-4, and K2 MK-7.
    Both very different!
    I’m now wondering if Dr. Kates book describes both K’s, or what K2 she is talking about??
    Would like to get a answer Very soon, as then I would know to cancel the book now, Keep it , or return it!

    Thank you,

  2. Nick Mintsiveris says

    I am/was very healthy 77 year old man who now has plaque in some arteries. This makes my heart beat slowly, making me very tired all the time, & dizzy some of the time. Drs. say I have vertigo because blood doesn’t get to my head fast enough when I stand up quickly, or when I exert myself. How can this plaque build-up be reversed & my stamina regained?

    • BeRT says

      Nick: For plaque, what helps me is K2-MK7 (90+mcg/day). Initially I used nattokinase (2000F.U./day), which was quite effective, but the K2 seems just as effective and has additional health benefits. This is for someone not on any medications or restrictions. Dizzy, vertigo, slow heart rate, low blood pressure(?) could be multiple issues. My approach has been to have a “health advocate” (knowledgable family member present at Drs. The Drs. dont seem to be offering you any help or suggestions? Also helpful for me is appropriate supplements like magnesium for the heart and a special sugar called RIBOSE. CoQ10 or ubiquinol is also helpful – I would say manditory if you are taking a statin. One way to improve stamina is regular walks, and/or just standing up as slowly as possible (takes more effort) every 10 minutes.

  3. Dianne Heise says

    I have been reading one of your articles suggesting 150-200 mcg of K2 for every 1000 IU’s of vitamin D.
    My question is: the supplement I am taking has K1-1000 mcg—-K2 as 4-1000 mcg—–K2 as 7-100 mcg.
    Which of these different Ks am I counting the mcg . Is it just the K7 that you are referring to when you say to take 150-200mcg.or both K2 as4 and K2 as7? I want to be sure I’ doing this right.

    Is there a vitamin K that you recommend?

    Thank you .


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