Reader Questions: Cure Tooth Decay with Ramiel Nagel (Part I)

ramiel nagel

Do you think that tooth decay is genetic?  Or that teeth cannot be remineralized?  For this week’s Reader Question and Answer session, I chat with Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay, who answers your questions about how dental health can be optimized through solid nutrition.  We discuss tooth remineralization, traditional foods, proper preparation of grains, gum disease and other topics in this 45-minute interview.

interview with ramiel nagel

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cure tooth decay

  • Cure Tooth DecayCure Tooth Decay is Ramiel’s book which underlines the root cause of cavities, how fat-soluble vitamins make teeth strong and remineralization strategies.  It is full of information, and is available in both print and digital formats.
  • Download the Video Transcript.  Download the transcript of this video interview.

further resources to get started

where to find healthy foods for healthy teeth

  • Royal Blend Cod Liver Oil & High Vitamin Butter Oil:  Fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil are emphasized in Cure Tooth Decay as they’re potent sources of fat-soluble vitamins essential to systemic wellness.  Green Pastures is currently the only producer of Fermented Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter Oil blends.  You can purchase them online (see sources).
  • Skate Liver Oil: Skate liver oil offers a different array of vitamin D than cod liver oil and is often used in conjunction with both cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil.  You can find it online (see sources).
  • Fresh Raw Milk: Raw milk is a rich source of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins.  You can find raw milk here or learn more about why my family chooses raw milk.
  • Grass-fed Butter and Ghee:  Grass-fed butter and ghee are also potent sources of fat-soluble vitamins.  Most well-stocked health food stores will carry pastured butter and grass-fed ghee; however, if you cannot find it locally you can also purchase it online.
  • Wild-caught fish and High-quality  Grass-fed Meats: Wild-caught fish and grass-fed meats are also rich in fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.  For those of you who live far from the sea, you can purchase wild-caught fish online.  Purchasing in bulk a few times a year helps to reduce the cost of overnight shipping.   Seafood Watch, operated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, will help you to make wise, sustainable and ethical purchases. Grass-fed meats are widely available at farmers markets and natural foods stores.  If you have trouble finding a source, be sure to contact your local Weston A Price Foundation leader or visit
  • Organ Meats: Organ meats, particularly liver, are extraordinarily dense in vitamins and minerals.  You can typically purchase organ meats from your local ranchers or the shop where you also purchase grass-fed meats.  Dessicated liver supplements may be an alternative for those who wish to consume liver, but are uncomfortable with preparing it.  Liver capsules can be purchased online (see sources).  Or try recipes like chicken liver pate.
  • Food-based Vitamin C: Food-based vitamin C such as camu camu which supports gum health can be purchased online (see sources) and is sometimes available in well-stocked health food stores.
  • Nourished Kitchen Meal Plans: Nourished Kitchen meal plans focus on simple, nourishing meals and feature nutrient-dense food described above like organ meats, grass-fed meats, butter, ghee and properly prepared grains though easy substitutions make them suitable for grain- and dairy-free diets too.  If you’re unsure how to better incorporate nutrient-dense foods into your family’s routine, you need to check them out and download a sample menu.

tools mentioned in the interview

  • Gum Irrigation: Gum irrigation is a technique that helps to cleanse the gums of residual food and debris, boosting gum health.  I use a waterpik like this.
  • Gum-cleansing Technique:  We discussed blotting as a gum-cleansing technique.  Check out a video and more information about the blotting technique here.
  • Alternatives to Toothpaste: For those interested in alternatives to toothpaste, you can purchase essential oil-based cleansers online, or make your own alternative with herbal infusions or herbal tinctures from fresh organic herbs (click here for sources).

further resources

  • Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is a comprehensive look at the native foods of preindustrial societies and how those foods supported optimal health, including building natural resistance to tooth decay.
  • Weston A Price Foundation:  The Weston A Price Foundation is a not-for-profit organization devoted to educating the public about nutrient-dense traditional foods.

recent Q&As

cure tooth decay: for children

  • We had SO MANY questions for Ramiel, we had to split the interview into two parts.  Next week, we’ll share his take on children’s health.

Photo credit by Ann Marie Michaels.