Preserve the Bounty

In the month of August. we’re setting aside our pressure canners and we’ll be preserving the bounty of the summer season naturally while optimizing the nutrition of the foods we put up for winter.  Over the course of 5 weeks we’ll cover sun-drying, oil curing, freezing, fermentation and salt-curing – traditional techniques that optimize nutrition and don’t heat up the kitchen like canning.  Plus we’ll have some great prizes for participants!  You’ll receive an email once a week covering a specific technique for traditional methods of preserving the harvest.  So sign up, share it with a friend and hit up the farmers market!  Who’ll preserve the most?

Last year, my family put up enough of summer’s bounty (without canning and its resultant nutrient loss) to last us until April!  So let’s learn the lost art of traditional food preservation this August – filling our pantries, cellars and freezers with the rich fruits and vegetables of summer all prepared through time-honored techniques.

Up for Keep the Bounty Challenge?

  1. Sign up for the challenge updates by email using the form below or by clicking here.  If you don’t have a website just type “N/A” in the URL field.
  2. Make the commitment to hit the farmers market, farm stand or your garden and try each of the natural techniques one-by-one.
  3. Share your progress each Monday in August!  Let us know how it went, what and how much you preserved!
  4. Share the challenge!  Get a friend to join you (two in the kitchen can preserve more than one), join the conversation on facebook and blog about it!