Clean Your Plate

About the Clean Your Plate Recipe Challenge

Each month, at Nourished Kitchen we’re celebrating good wholesome foods with a recipe contest. On the first Friday of the month, the guidelines for the Clean Your Plate Recipe Challenge will be posted here at the Nourished Kitchen – and we’ll focus on one single wholesome ingredient. Each recipe must focus on real and traditional foods – clean foods without refined ingredients. The blogger who best highlights the ingredient while paying heed to the challenge’s guidelines will win the contest and that’s month’s prize.

How Does the Clean Your Plate Challenge Work?

  • On the first Friday of the month, you’ll see a post here at Nourished Kitchen detailing the guidelines and special ingredient for that month’s challenge.
  • Submit your recipe by the 3rd Friday of the month to be eligible to win.
  • Nourished Kitchen and the Clean Your Plate Challenge Sponsor will select three finalists that best uphold the challenge’s guidelines and best illustrate the beauty of the featured ingredient.
  • Voting will start and, if you’re a finalist, you’re welcome to lobby your way to the top. Voting will end on the final Friday of the month and we’ll announce the winner.

Clean Your Plate Challenge Guidelines

  • You must use real food and only real food. That is only whole food ingredients in each recipe (i.e. no refined sugar, no refined flour, no high fructose corn syrup.) In essence, if you’re great, great, great grandmother wouldn’t recognize it, don’t use it.
  • All ingredients should be sustainably and organically produced. Remember, we’re cleaning our plates! NO funky chemical residues around these dinner tables!
  • You must do your best to highlight the special ingredient to the best of your ability.
  • You must link to this page from your post and/or your sidebar.
  • You must submit your recipe to the challenge no later than midnight, mountain time on the 15th of the month.
  • Your recipe MUST be your original work, not plagiarized or copied from any recipe published elswhere.
  • By entering the challenge, you agree to allow Nourished Kitchen and the sponsor for that month to republish your recipe with credit to you.

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