7 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for Natural Mamas

7 Last Minute Gifts for Mother's Day

My Natural Foods Cookbook

Among my passions is exploring wholesome, traditional foods and farm-to-table cooking, which is why I penned my first cookbook The Nourished Kitchen, released just last month.  It explores wholesome, traditional cooking with a collection of beautiful, nutrient-dense recipes like Fresh Herb FrittataSourdough Pancakes with Buttered Orange Syrup, and Roasted Plum Ice Cream.  You can take a look inside here, and check out the reviews here.

Both Redbook and Shape listed it among their top picks for Mother’s Day Gifts, too!  It’s available online here, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, The Nourished Kitchen will ship right away and will arrive with free 2-day shipping.  If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here, and  you’ll still receive free 2-day shipping which means The Nourished Kitchen will arrive by Mother’s Day!

Easy Whole Foods Meal Plans

Meal Planning can make cooking whole foods a whole lot easier, and so much more affordable, because you spend less time and money on last-minute trips to the store, and you know your family is receiving simple, beautiful nourishment at every meal.  Nourished Kitchen’s meal plans feature whole, nutrient-dense recipes, and feature 3 full dinner menus each week, plus a ferment, soup of the week and a dessert or snack.  They also have a shopping list and a simple to-do list to make prepping the meals super easy.

You can order them here, and if you use the coupon code MOM14, you’ll save $20 on a 1-year subscription. Check it out here.

Organic Flowers

I love receiving flowers, and particularly love picking up a bouquet of organically grown flowers once a week at our farmers market in the summertime.  I also purchase them online for very special occasions: gorgeous bunches of pink-tipped roses, big bouquets of purple irises.  They’re always a lovely gift.

You can purchase organic flowers here, and have them delivered by Mother’s Day where they’re offering 20% off for Mother’s Day Gifts.

All-Natural Lotion Bars

One of my favorite gifts is all-natural cosmetics and skincare items, among these are lotion bars which I particularly like for travel because they can fit nicely into a little case, and don’t leak.  Made-On Hard Lotion is one of my favorite brands.  They’re made by a mom, and you just warm them up in your hands, then rub them on your skin.  They’re made with super natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil.

You can purchase them here, and, just FYI, they’re made by a Mom, too!

An Essential Oil Set

I love the simple beauty of essential oils, and I use them both in culinary applications and in skincare.  Among my favorite ways to use them are in the bath, and sprinkled onto my pillow at bedtime.  They’re pleasant, and lovely.  I’ve been using the doTERRA brand oils lately, and I particularly like the Serenity and Elevation Blends.

You can purchase just a handful of these blends, or single oils at a pretty reasonable rate for a nice set, you can also take advantage of wholesale pricing if you like when you sign up here.

A Basket of Fair-Trade Chocolate and Other Goodies

Chocolate is another classic gift for mothers day.  Chocolate, flowers, brunch.  Unfortunately, many chocolate makers use chocolate fueled by forced child labor, which is why I favor fair-trade chocolate, sugar, and tea – because pleasure at my table shouldn’t come at someone else’s expense. Equal Exchange is offering some fair-trade chocolate packages for Mother’s Day with donation of up to 10% of the purchase price going to special projects supporting women in Uganda.  Check it out here.  They’ll also ship it to your door.

A Hand-Made Fermentation Crock

Okay, okay, so this isn’t technically a last-minute gift, but it’s one you’ll absolutely love.  I adore fermentation, wrote a whole video class on fermentation, and featured a chapter on fermentation in my cookbook.  While mason jars and the like are perfect for newcomers to fermentation, having the right equipment can make a huge difference in the quality of fermented foods you produce – reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination by stray microbes and molds.  For this reason, I cherish my  crocks which are specifically designed for fermentation.

My favorite among my three crocks is a handmade fermentation crock produced by a potter out of California who sells his wares on Etsy.  His fermentation crocks are made-to-order, come with weights, and the small ones hold 2 quarts and are priced at about $65.  I LOVE mine.

This post contains affiliate links and referral links to Amazon, MadeOn Lotion, Organic Bouquets, Equal Exchange and doTERRA.  When you make a purchase through any of the links above, this site will earn a small commission which helps to support its growth and  development.



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What people are saying

  1. Rita Ladany says

    Thank you so much for the Mothers day list of Goodies. I did purchase the best on the list already. Your Book. And I will say it again I can`t wait for your next one. It was a great price with wonderful photos and Yummy educational recipes.
    I did just ask my DH if he got me something and he said no. Go figure. But the crocks caught my eye. I do have many other options but nothing as beautiful as them. I have been looking at them at an other sight and seemed to be quite expensive. Can`t beat this. I am putting my order in. Should I tell him you sent me?
    Live, love, & Laugh, Rita
    Oh funny thing I received your labeled signature for my book today!!!!!!!! I’m so Happy!

    • Jenny says

      I’m so happy it arrived! The crocks are gorgeous! I ordered one for myself last year for Christmas. It’s nice to have a smaller-sized crock, too, since most crocks hold HUGE amounts. And they’re reasonably priced. You can certainly let him know I sent you, but NK doesn’t earn any referral links on his stuff. I just wanted to share it because it is gorgeous, and I want him to do well. I also thought people would like it for mother’s day.

      • Rita Ladany says

        I ordered and Mark did spend a lot of time with me on it. I can`t wait for it to arrive. My home grown organic red cabbage will be the first to check it out! Thanks for suggesting it. I will post photos of it when I get it if I remember how to get back to this topic. Thanks again Jen.

  2. says

    Dear Jenny
    Thank you for the great suggestions. One of your items listed was the hard lotion. I, too, have a passion for all- natural body products and the website I referenced has products that also were made by a mom. Everything in our catalog is handmade! I invite you to check it out. And this is not meant to drive business but simply to share that I personally know a mom who cares about pure, natural and organic ingredients.
    I hope you take a minute to check it out.

  3. Beth says

    Jenny, thanks for the great ideas.

    Do you happen to know if the handmade fermentation crocks are lead free? I didn’t see any mention of this in the link.

    I’ve become increasingly concerned about lead in many everyday items such as ceramics, not to mention bathtubs, jewelry, toys, tote bags, garden hoses, etc. — something I’ve been learning more about on LeadSafeAmerica.org, the FB page of MisLead the movie and other places.

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