Reader Questions & Answers on Kombucha

I first met Hannah of Kombucha Kamp a year ago when I spoke at a fermentation festival in California.  Since that time, I’ve been astounded by Hannah’s knowledge of kombucha coupled with her relaxed and authentic attitude toward real food.  When I have a question about kombucha, I invariably turn to Hannah for her expertise.  So when I invited you to email your questions on kombucha into Nourished Kitchen, I was grateful that Hannah offered to lend her knowledge in answering them.

In this interview, we discuss kombucha brewing techniques, history, benefits and answer simple (but common) questions like, “Can I still drink kombucha when pregnant?” or “Do I have to use black tea and white sugar in my kombucha?”

Hannah also generously contributed this guest post on kombucha to Nourished Kitchen.

Video: Common Questions on Kombucha

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Our upcoming question and answer sessions will focus on mother-to-mother milk sharing and wild-caught seafood choices.  Plus I’ll be speaking with Sandor Katz of the Art of Fermentation and Wild Fermentation on Monday, send your questions to for inclusion.