How to Choose Healthy, Sustainable and Affordable Seafood

Seafood, particularly oily fish and fish roe, featured prominently in traditional diets – even among landlocked peoples who went to great lengths to acquire these life-giving foods; however, over-fishing, labor issues and pollution of ocean waters make choosing healthy, sustainable and ethical seafoods challenging.

In this simple Q & A, Martin from I Love Blue Sea – a company specializing in sustainable seafood – and I sit down to chat about choosing safe, affordable and ethically sourced fish and shellfish while also answering questions emailed in by Nourished Kitchen readers.

Interview with Martin of I Love Blue Sea

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What people are saying

  1. says

    Interesting interview! Their company sounds fantastic; will definitely look into using them next time I need seafood.
    And the recipes sound delicious. :)

  2. Linda says

    Good post. I love seafood, and as I mentioned on another blog, I don’t eat enough weekly. One reason is the cost, but another is knowing what to choose in terms of sustainability and contaminants. I don’t know when to go with farmed. It is hard to keep up with all the issues. I am going to check out I live deep blue sea. Also, shipping is always an issue.

  3. Jennifer McLaughlin says

    Thanks for this information! Very helpful!
    You mention that you order in bulk, but a lot of the fish come fresh or frozen (defrosting in transport according to their website). Do you freeze immediately upon arrival or have to refreeze anything that may have defrosted?

  4. says

    My sister recently shared this post with me and I cannot stop raving about it. Thank you so much for educating your readers on such an important issue. I featured your blog, this post and I Love Blue Sea on a recent blog post and have gotten such positive feedback. You are marvelous – keep it up! : )

  5. Mariah says

    Great interview & really good information about fish. I did have a concern about the Artic Char. I like the idea of closed loop fish systems, but to date, aren’t these fish feed fish meal which contains soy product which means GMO soy. Monterray has given their stamp of approval for sustainable fish practice, but doesn’t seem like a very good choice still since the feed includes GMOs.

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