Herbed Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

These potatoes make a delicious side dish. Faintly sour from the buttermilk, they’re richly flavored. The potatoes aren’t peeled, lending a chunky rustic feel to the dish. The cost per serving is approximately $0.93.

This recipe serves about 8 – 10 for a large crowd, but it’s easily made in smaller portions. Figure about 1 medium potato per person.

herbed buttermilk mashed potatoes

By Jenny Published: November 24, 2007

    These potatoes make a delicious side dish. Faintly sour from the buttermilk, they're richly flavored. The potatoes aren't peeled, …


    • Organic russet potatoes
    • Organic buttermilk
    • Organic dried parsley
    • Organic dried chives
    • Organic butter from grass-fed cows
    • Real salt and organic pepper to taste


    1. Don’t peel the potatoes. They’re better that way, but you still might want to wash them first.
    2. Cut the potatoes into large chunks.
    3. Once you’ve chopped them all, toss them into boiling water. Cover the pan with a lid and cook the potatoes until they’re tender when pierced with a fork.
    4. Next, toss the steaming hot potatoes into your mixer. Use a paddle attachment and mix them until they’re slightly mashed.
    5. Stop the mixer and toss in your organic butter. If you’re looking for measurements, that’s about a stick. Mix it some more.
    6. Once the butter’s melted, add your buttermilk. You’re looking to add about two cups, give or take. Mix it again.
    7. Now, stop the mixer. Toss in your organic herbs, salt and pepper. Mix it again. Oh … and … that’s about two tablespoons each of parsley and chives and one tablespoon of pepper.
    8. You’re finished so serve them up and enjoy!

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