Fried Bananas

While this dish hardly qualifies as health food, it’s surprisingly good for you (as far as desserts are concerned). Bananas are rich in the minerals potassium and manganese while the coconut flour is rich in saturated fats like lauric acid as well as fiber and protein. This recipe is also a great way to use up less than perfect bananas without having to make banana bread for the umpteenth time.

fried bananas

By Jenny Published: January 28, 2008

    While this dish hardly qualifies as health food, it's surprisingly good for you (as far as desserts are concerned). Bananas are rich …


    • Some Bananas, Peeled (I’ve used mini bananas here.)
    • A Big Gob of Coconut Oil (what is that? maybe a half cup?)
    • About ¼ cup of Coconut Flour
    • 2 Teaspoons Dehydrated Cane Juice
    • 3 Eggs from Happy, Pastured Chickens


    1. Crack open your eggs and beat them thoroughly.
    2. Now add your dehydrated cane juice. Dehydrated cane juice is also sold under the brand names sucanat and rapadura. I can’t find rapadura through my co-op and I’m never quite sure how to pronounce sucanat. Is it soo-CAN-not? Is it suck-CAN-nat? Anyway whisk your the rich crystalline sweet stuff into the eggs and follow it up with your coconut flour.
    3. Now mix it all together until you have a thick, pasty mess that should be rich and golden in color from the pastured eggs and dehydrated can juice.
    4. Now it’s time to batter up those bananas. Roll them around in that sludge and get your fingers dirty.
    5. Heat your oil to prepare for frying the bananas.
    6. So toss all the bananas in your hot pan and watch them sizzle.
    7. Turn them over and brown them on the other side. Get them nice and crispy on the outside, and they’ll be nice and creamy on the inside.
    8. Serve them with whipped cream and enjoy. I really do mean it: ENJOY!

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    What people are saying

    1. Jenny says

      They are oh so tasty, Am. I’m finding more and more uses for that coconut flour all the time. Since they’re all sweets, I’m not sure it’s really a good thing!

    2. ~M says

      Are you sure that this is the correct amount of coconut flour? It was WAYYYYYY too much for my brand of coconut flour (Bob’s Red Mill)…when I added the flour to the egg and sugar, there was not enough fat/liquid to go around.

    3. Jenny says

      Curious. It might be the amount of time that you mixed it. Coconut flour is a curious ingredient and it soaks up liquid FAST (so there should probably be a caveat to this recipe), but working quickly it should make an okay batter. Fortunately, batter is pretty forgiving and an extra egg or even a bit of coconut milk would create the right consistency.

    4. Nes says

      So happy I stumbled across your site this evening. This recipe is gluten-free & I have all the ingredients in my cupboard, no substitutions needed. Excellent!! My boys will have dessert tomorrow night. Thanks for sharing.

      BTW, IMHO coconut flour makes yummy pancakes…

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